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  1. These greenhouse glass paints have been developed for both glass and plastic greenhouses. Q3-White shade paint is the economical solution. Q4-White has a very good weather resistance, even when diluted to apply a lower shading percentage. Minimal ridge wear on the apex of your greenhouse
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  3. Greenhouse shading doesn't have to be complicated or expensive - the main aim is to reduce internal temperatures. As summer ends, shading paint should be removed as soon as outside temperatures fall and you can control overheating with ventilation
  4. Greenhouse; Shade Paint; Shade Paint. Product Highlights: Designed to lower inside greenhouse temperatures during the warmer spring and summer growing seasons; Allows for increased light levels as the daylight decreases; Works best when spray applie
  5. Geat low cost shade paint that removes easily. Kool Ray Classic may be its new name but its formula is the original and reliable Kool Ray Ezy-Off. Kool Ray Classic is specifically designed to lower inside greenhouse temperatures during the warmer spring and summer growing seasons. During the course of the year, Classic's environmentally.
  6. Dilute paint in order to achieve specific heat reduction levels. Apply the paint to any glazing on your greenhouse but check with the glazing manufacturer to make sure the shade paint is compatible with your roofing system. Make sure to apply shade paint in quick drying circumstances and when rain is not on the forecast for the next 40 hours

Since 1953, Kool Ray™ Liquid Shade has been helping greenhouses keep their cool. Kool Ray Liquid Shade is a shading concentrate that, when diluted with water to a desired shading density and applied to the external glazing of a greenhouse, provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to mechanical greenhouse shading and ventilation systems A simple and inexpensive shading strategy is painting the greenhouse's exterior with shading compound. Also known as whitewashing, you apply this thin paint across the outside structure surface to. A shading compound or whitewash is a paint-like white colored substance which is applied onto the greenhouse walls. It diffuses or increases the amount of light reflected back onto the plants. If we apply the whitewash in higher concentrations, more light will bounce off the walls, and vice versa Step 5. Dilute the whitewash with another 2 to 4 qts. of water if the current shade is too opaque. Mix the blend thoroughly with the drill before testing a new area. Seal the bucket of customized greenhouse whitewash until you are ready to use it. Jeffrey Brian Airman is a writer, musician and food blogger Product information. This greenhouse shading is a great way to keep your plants shaded from too much sunlight. It comes with fixings supplied for quick and simple installation. Guarantee - 1 year

Continental has been manufacturing world-class products for the commercial greenhouse industry for nearly 80 years. Beginning in the early 1940's, the heyday of commercial greenhouse activity in the Midwest, Continental began to position itself as the innovation leader and preferred national supplier of specialty greenhouse paints, bedding compounds, and top glazing sealants in North America Anvil Shade Paint is specially formulated for greenhouse coverings. Easily mixed and goes on evenly. Has an added algaecide that combats algae growth. #36 Regular Paint is applied annually with the intention of being removed before winter. #80 Super Stick Paint is for permanent shading. Can be applied to poly, fiberglass, polycarbonate or glass Shade compound, or white wash, is a paint-like substance applied to greenhouse covering. The magnitude of shading for shade compound is dependent on how much the original material is diluted â€Â higher dilution of shade compound results in less shade, whereas a higher concentration of compound increases shading. B L 90% Shade Cloth 6.5 Ft x 10 Ft, Black Premium Mesh Shade Panel with Grommets for Plant Cover, Greenhouse, Barn,Top Shade Cloth Quality Panel for Flowers, Plants, Patio Lawn. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 72. $23.88. $23. . 88. $2.00 coupon applied at checkout. Save $2.00 with coupon

Each box of this spray or paint on shading contains 3 x 600ml sachets (enough to cover 5m²) along with a cleaner sachet which makes removing the protective white shad paint a simple wipe-clean task once those heady days of summer are a distant memory; and with the combined coverage of the 3 sachets an impressive 15m², greenhouses and cold. Just a short clip. Remember if you are in the northern hemisphere you will need to shade your plants in a greenhouse from the ever strengthening sun. Early A.. Regular Price: £8.50. Simply paint the shading onto the outside of your greenhouse glass surface with a brush or sprayer to prevent your greenhouse from over-heating. It won't come off in the rain but wipes off easily with a duster. 500ml. Contains enough formula to treat a 8 x 6ft greenhouse

Greenhouse trap heat and you can have too much of a good thing. Keep the heat down but allow the maximum amount of light. How to Shade your Greenhouse. The cheapest method I have found is to use Coolglass a powder you mix into a suspension and paint or spray on. Old fashioned whitewash with a bit of size to make it stick is an old gardeners tip Clip showing the nursery greenhouse with shading and stencilling applie The rain washes the shade paint away, making it a no hassle product for growers with already so much on their to-do list. The rising numbers of growers applying shade paint proves that this is a quick and cost effective method of keeping the greenhouse structures temperatures under control, thereby reducing their carbon footprint Shading with Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint is the perfect way to easily apply shading to greenhouses and has the added advantages of looking nicer than traditional shading paint, and is nice and easy to remove. At the end of the season simply pick at a corner and peel off the entire sheet

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I have found a recipe for greenhouse whitewash that uses several ingredients, among them, skim milk and hydrated lime (also known as quicklime--a caustic material). Here's another that is simpler and safer for your skin, eyes, lungs, etc: 1 part white latex paint to 10 parts water provides heavy shading; or 1 part white latex paint to 15 to 20. Re: Removing greenhouse shading. I used this technique on a 12' x 8' ghouse and used an extendable pole (the type you get for wasing windows and stuff) so I was lifting the sheets at least 10' in the air. 4 x 1m rolls on in 5 minutes... no unrolling, so doesnt really snag on clips The Greenhouse Electrostatic Shading Paint material is called Coolglass. It is a liquid concentrate that can be diluted with water instantly to give any degree of shading required. It is an intense white and is formulated to reflect back from the glass those rays that cause scorching of foliage and overheating of the greenhouse when the sun is.

Hunter Helicopters has found Shade Painting to be an emerging trend in Canada to combat these rising temperatures. Having been tried and tested over the years in Holland's large greenhouse industry, shade painting is the process of spraying a particular shade of paint on top of a greenhouse to shade crops from 20%-60% depending on the crops. Shade paint is one shading technique that is both productive and practical because the paint is washable so it can be removed in autumn when it's no longer needed. Check this one out! On the other hand, this option is not adequate for greenhouses made from unpainted timber

Shading paints that wear off gradually over time and do not need to be cleaned off at the end of the season. This range is designed to offer growers an effective, user-friendly solution. Temporary protection from light and heat for different periods of time without having to clean the paint off at the end of the season shading paint for greenhouses ombrawhite Created to maintain a perfect temperature inside the greenhouses. The hydro-washable OMBRAWHITE shade varnish is made with special components which, depending on the intensity of the external light, determine a correct irradiation and an adequate temperature inside the greenhouse Shading on the Curve. So now we had a new challenge: How to turn the burlap into shades that would curve with the wall of the greenhouse. Greenhouse before shades. I decided I would leave the ceiling of the greenhouse un-shaded since most of the sunlight comes in from the south-facing wall. So I would shade the curved wall down to the upper shelf Shade paints are a quick and cost-effective way of filtering out some of the sunlight's strength Q4 Whitewash Greenhouse Shading Paint 20kg The best horticultural shading agent for protection throughout the season If you would like to use a shading agent to reduce a crop's exposure to sunlight, Q4 White is the ideal solution for you

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The shade clothes typically come in 30%, 55%, 63%, 75%, 80% and 90% options. You need to choose a shade cloth according to the plants you are growing in your greenhouse. It is crucial to choose a cloth of the right density to allow a sufficient amount of sunlight for a healthy growth. The reference range for most vegetables is 30-50% shade. Shading a Greenhouse. Shading is the second weapon you have to attack heat head on. Use it wisely brave gardener, as plants obviously depend on good light levels to grow to their full potential! Shade paints are a quick and cost-effective way of filtering out some of the sunlight's strength Excellent green house shade paint for glass greenhouses. Easy to apply, dropped the temperature in a very warm greenhouse. It saved many orchids. Good stuff! 8/17/2017. Worked well on a small garden window. Tried using brush, sponge but those left a streaky look. A fine spray worked well. Easy to add more shade if desired after the first.

Sachets make up 600ml of shade paint. Each sachet makes enough paint to cover 5m². Box coverage is 15m². 8ft x 6ft greenhouse can also be painted with single box. Use on greenhouse and cold frames. Suitable for painting onto glass, plastic and polycarbonate. Mix sachet with 500ml of water and stir to mix up shade paint Kool Ray Shade Paint for Greenhouse Walls and Film. Call for Prices. SKU: COULEZG Category: Greenhouse & Hort Supplies Tags: PAINT FOR GREENHOUSE FILM, SHADE PAINT. Description

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White greenhouse liquid sunshade, just paint on and reduce the amount of sunshine entering the greenhouse. Easy to clean off when you want the sunshine back. Depending on the depth of shading required, paint onto glass neat or dilute with a very small amount of water using a paint brush. It can be applied to the inside or outside of the. I originally had green shading in my greenhouse but soon resorted to a paint on shading applied to the outside of the greenhouse. The light colour reflects the sunlight. This can be easily cleaned off in Autumn but does not wash off in rain and enough light can get through so that plants permanently residing in the greenhouse don't get too 'drawn' The table below shows the number of buckets required and the effect on the greenhouse climate. shading, chalk, light reflection, greenhouse sun shade, shading greenhouse, shade cover, shade screen, heat radiation, infrared, grow light, heat reduction, shading paint, shading coating, greenhouse shading coating, heat reflectio Sunlight is one of the key sources of living bodies but when exposed to more than the necessary amount, it creates the following problems for crops; - UV & IR lights and high temperature in green house. - Slowdown of photosynthesis. - High transpiration, water and energy losses. - As a result yield and quality loss Vitax Summer Cloud Greenhouse Shading - 500ml. Apply to the exterior glass surface with a sprayer or a paint brush. Start application at the top of the greenhouse and work down from the apex. Vitax Summer Cloud is formulated for easy removal at the end of the season. When using on acrylic or polycarbonate surfaces, apply to a small test.

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A few rain showers after spraying ReduClean will result in a sparkling clean greenhouse. The outstanding weather resistance as well as the ease of applying and removing it make ReduSol and ReduClean technically and economically the perfect shading system. ReduSol is sold in 20 Kg pails. Always stir or adjutate the water while adding the Redusol Greenhouse Shading is essential during the summer months - even during a British summer the sun is able to increase temperatures within the greenhouse to such an extent that plants can be damaged - a surprising amount of damage from overheating and scorching can be done to your plants in a very short period of time. The simplest way to provide shade within your greenhouse is to apply a paint. Greenhouse Shading materials and paint is quite expensive. A neighbour told me he used to use a very weak white emulsion solution and said it was as good as the 'stuff sold in shops'. Has anyone used this and can you recommend it Provides 50% shade. Use to protect plants and shrubs from damaging winter winds. Ideal for sun protection in greenhouse in summer. Eyelets woven into top and bottom seams for easy fixing. 1 space between eyelets. Attach to posts for wind protection. Can be tied to glazing bars or roof beams in greenhouse for 50% shade

The same applies at the end of the summer when it comes to removing the shade paint which is brushed and rubbed off. Cool Glass does have a useful feature in that it becomes clear when wet so in rainy weather it allows all the available light through. As it dries it becomes reflective again. Greenhouse Blinds & Net Shading Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint is water-repellant and can be painted on externally, lasting the whole season and way beyond. Stencilling on this greenhouse has lasted for over a year! Greenhouse with Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint on windows to provide shading from the sun. Just peels off at the end of the season - no need for scrubbing High Quality Glass Shade Paint. Glass Shade paint is a water based white substance, designed for application to the exterior of glass to stop heat coming through in places such as greenhouses. This may seem like a solution to a small problem however with hundreds of thousands of gardeners across the country, you would be surprised how many time people ask us for help from our glass shade paint Product Information. Protect your plants from sunlight scorching with our Greenhouse Shading (2.7m x 1.8m). Simple to use and easy to fit, the shading provides 4.86m² cover for any greenhouse up to 2.4 metres in length. All fixtures and fittings included, as well as easy to follow instructions

Greenhouse shading (sometimes referred to as greenhouse blinds) will help prevent scorching of plants in the hot summer time. Fleece can be used to keep plants warm in the winter, to deter pests and even to line your greenhouse as it transmits the light. Greenhouse netting is easy to cut and flexible, allowing for fast immediate protection The numerous greenhouse plants that flower in spring, such as cineraria, calceolaria and primula, will last much longer if kept shaded and cool. Seed sowings will also need shading at this time. In summer an unshaded greenhouse, especially one that is badly ventilated and watered, may become an oven. Temperatures over 50°C (120°F) can be.

Vitax Greenhouse Shading 500ml The ideal way to protect your greenhouse plants from over-exposure to Summer sun. Simply 'paint' the shading on to external glass surface. Summer Cloud is specially formulated to stay on in rain and wind, but when the weather changes wipes off easily with a duster. A single pack is sufficient for an average 8' x 6' greenhouse Summer Cloud Greenhouse Shading allows you to control the level of light entering your greenhouse. Application instructions: mix 250 ml of Summer Cloud Greenhouse Shading with 2 litres of water (a ratio of 1:8). Using a sprayer or paint bush, apply to a dry surface from the highest point of the greenhouse downwards Nixol Greenhouse Paint on Shading. S hade your greenhouse easily, effectively and economically with Nixol weather sensitive paint-on shading developed to react to the prevailing weather conditions. Nixol Standard - is suitable for use on glass, polythene and other polyethylene based plastics.Nixol Special - is suitable for polycarbonate glazing

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Wilko Greenhouse Shading 2.7m x 1.8m. £6.00 Wilko Get Gardening Greenhouse Shading 2.7mx1.8m: £5.00: Wilko Greenhouse Shading 2.7m x 1.8m: £6.00 remove it from the surface or any microcracks and scratches 500ml Apply to external glass surfaces with a sprayer or paint brush Stays on in wind and rain Wipes off with a duster Sufficient to treat. Greenhouses will overheat quickly on a sunny day. Not only do they need lots of ventilation but shading is also essential in order to protect precious plants from burning. Even as early as March, young plants will need shading on sunny days, particularly as this is the time of year when you'll have tender seedlings in the greenhouse

An advantage of whitewash is that it reflects sunlight before that energy enters the greenhouse and increases temperature. In addition, whitewash can improve the uniformity of the light inside a greenhouse, as it scatters the light and reduces shading from structures. A common shading factor for whitewash is around 40 percent Kool Ray Liquid Shade - Where to buy Kool Ray Classic Liquid Shade Concentarte - 5 Gallons, kool ray classic white liquid shade, greenhouse shading compound, greenhouse shade paint, greenhouse paint white, We are pest control supplies wholesaler that have diy pest control supply store in Suwanee & Online pest mall, Pestrong.com will free & fast shipping professional pest control products. A Do-It-Yourself Greenhouse Shade Cloth. This couple tried everything they could think of to keep their greenhouse cool in the summer heat, until they hit upon making a sun shade from woven. A denser shade at a 1:5 ratio (1 gallon CLASSIC to 5 gallons of water) yields 6 gallons. Multiply the diluted amount by 175 to determine coverage. 1:8 = 9 gallons x 175 = 1575 square feet. 1:5 = 6 gallons x 175 = 1050 square feet. If you desire a longer wear and better adhesion of the Kool Ray, just add XTRA STICK ADHESIVE BINDER 390. Location: Cheshire. Country: Thank you both. Of course, it is too early in the year to bother about, but when the time comes I think we're going to need some sort of shading, and paint-on sounds the easiest and cheapest. Believe it or not, our max/min thermometer in the greenhouse has been up to over 30 degrees C, and it's only February.

ReduSol shades the greenhouse light and heat. The coating protects against excess stress. More info. ReduHeat. ReduHeat blocks out the heat rays (infrared) of the sun. The transmission of grow light (PAR) remains high. More info. SprayChalk. SprayChalk is a temporary coating that supplements other ReduSystems coatings during very hot summers SombraSol is a liquid shading product from Mardenkaro Holland used to apply a temporary but even shading coat to plastic greenhouses. SombraSol will protect your crop from too much solar radiation, and is highly wear-resistant. SombraSol is easy to apply using a simple, commonly-used spraying device What size of shade cloth would you purchase for a 10x12 greenhouse? We use shade cloth on our shade house structures, in which we grow hostas. They had lasted over 10years. Seems like it would be much easier to throw on a shade cloth rather than try and wash of paint A shade cloth is simply a stretch of fabric which is commercially available for use in draping over greenhouses or plant beds. It is an integral part of a greenhouse and is cost-effective and fully customizable according to a greenhouse's needs

Unfortunately, green-pigmented plastic is green because it absorbs about 50% of the PAR radiation. Green greenhouses may sell because they look nice, and still transmit about half of the PAR radiation, but a 50% shade cloth would produce far more cooling inside the greenhouse without reducing PAR one bit more Paint should not be applied to film. It is recommended for shading purposed appropriate compounds made expressly for shading of greenhouse film be used. If rafters are painted, paint should be fully cured before putting film in contact with rafters. In this regard, the use of latex paint rather than solvent-based paint is recommended Greenhouse Shading : Greenhouse Shading Guidelines. Keeping the greenhouse cool is accomplished by obtaining a balance of shading, ventilation and humidity. Providing the proper amount of each is the secret to a cool greenhouse. Here are some guidelines for shading: Shading will be 40% more effective when installed on the OUTSIDE of the greenhouse Before setting the plastic, paint all surfaces that come into contact with the plastic with a white acrylic paint. After setting the plastic on the greenhouse structure, paint thin strips (20 cm) using a white acrylic-based paint directly on the film surface at points of contact between the film and the structure

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The long lasting sunshade can be used on glass, acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces. Size: 500ml. Apply to external glass surfaces with a sprayer or paint brush. Ending Soon. Health & Beauty. Computers/Tablets & Networking Shade paint for greenhouses, tunnels and glazing - ARCASHADE. ARCASHADE is a shade paint for plastic, and agricultural and industrial glazing, or windows. It is mainly designed for greenhouse shading, but generally serves as an opacifier for all types of glazing. ARCASHADE limits heat in greenhouses without affecting plant growth Forest Green. Bronze. Manganese Graphite. Black Olive. Dark Bronze. Black. Ruby Red. If your garden already has a strong color scheme of its own, we can work with that to produce a custom paint finish for your aluminium greenhouse. As mentioned above, this is not just about aesthetics; the paintwork also protects the aluminium itself from. Kool Ray works best when spray applies. Kool Ray is a super concentrated formula designed to be diluted with water. Standard Dilution rate is 1 part Kool Ray to 8 parts water. A heavy coat tends to cause mud cracking which can lead to eventually flaking paint on shade « on: July 09, 2013, 21:50 » I'm going away in a couple of weeks & I was wondering if you would think it worth while putting on some of that shade paint on the greenhouse as I won't be there to water for a while although I do plan on instigating a watering system

ReduSol Shade Paint. ReduSol is a shading agent that reflects high levels of solar energy. It is wear-resistant and can be easily removed with ReduClean. For many years it has been the obvious choice for protecting crops against excess heat and light Shading. In warmer environments or when the sun is directly hitting the greenhouse, shading can keep plants from getting burned by reducing the amount of summer sunlight. Polypropylene shade cloth, roll-up screens of wood or aluminum, vinyl plastic shading, or paint-on materials can all be used to shade plants

Shade your greenhouse easily, effectively and economically with Nixol weather sensitive paint-on shading developed to react to the prevailing weather conditions. Reacts to the weather - when it's dry it turns white, reflecting the rays of the sun to protect from heat & glare of radiation entering a greenhouse can be reduced in summer through the use of greenhouse paint (whitewash) or suspending shade cloth above the structure. There are also a variety of screens available to reduce the level of radiation in order to reduce heat and/or light. Edited by Geraldine James Produced by staff of NSW Agriculture Orange 199 Greenhouse Shade Covers. Woven and knitted polypropylene shade cloth can be used as greenhouse covers, wind breaks, deer and bird fencing, hail protection, porches and patio shade. It is available in multiple colors and it typically lasts from 7-12 years. View as Grid List The second option is the polyethylene knit shade cloth. This will not fray. The third shade cloth we offer is white reflective. It is white on both sides. It will give you diffused light in the greenhouse, reaching all parts of the plant. It limits light and heat transmission for more efficient greenhouse shading during the day

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570330 Price: £8.99. Add to Basket. Details. Delivery. Advice. Reviews (0) Brookside Nursery easy paint on greenhouse shading is ideal to protect your plants from summer sun. This greenhouse shading is for use on glass greenhouses and is enough to cover an 8 x 12ft greenhouse. This shading is used to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your. For effective ventilation: Monitor greenhouse temperature with a maximum-minimum thermometer. If temperatures are allowed to build up (typically more than 27°C/81°F) plant damage can occur. Be alert for signs that shading and ventilation are required; sun-flag (partial collapse), leaf scorch, desiccation of tender young plants and shoots Halls Greenhouse shading 1.83x2.62m - B&Q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest DIY trend Developed by greenhouse growers with one goal in mind: to produce the finest shading compound on the market and offer it at a fair price. It effectively reflects the rays of the sun. It will enable the grower to control light intensity and reduce heat build-up in the greenhouse environment

Shading is a low-cost method of providing some cooling. It is best done outside the greenhouse over the glazing but can also be done with screen systems inside. Shading will result in lower electric bills if fans are being used. Shading compounds are materials that are brushed, rolled or sprayed onto the glazing ARCASHADE is a very efficient and environment friendly shade paint for seasonal shading of agricultural or industrial greenhouses. Applied early spring it will lower greenhouse temperatures during the warmer spring and summer growing seasons. Arcashade will fade off and disappear with end of the summer or early autumn rains 1309 - Hobby Greenhouses: Benches, Shading & Supplies. Greenhouse benches may be made of cypress, concrete, wire or fiberglass. The material you decide to use will depend on your budget, types of plants you grow, aesthetics and durability. Generally, benches are positioned in a permanent location in a hobby greenhouse, but larger, movable. Shading agents A shading agent for every greenhouse. Some crops don't grow as well in the blazing sun. High temperatures in a greenhouse can even be disastrous. Shading agent is the solution here: it's easy to add a chalk layer that reflects light and reduces heat to your greenhouse in the summer period Step 2: Sweep and brush your greenhouse. Brush down the framework and shelving to remove leaves, dirt and plant scraps. Then sweep the floor if you have a concrete slab, wooden deck, or similar flooring. If you have soil, you should rake the leaves and plant remains. Try to remove unwanted scraps as much as possible

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John Kumpf on Shading Shading is a step in greenhouse management that should be done very cautionely, especially permantent shading. Shading has two main effects in greenhouse: it reduces the temperature and the light intensity. THerfore it is important to consider both factors when decide which shading technique to utilizes Our freestanding American Classic greenhouses are available in 9', 13', 15', 17', 20', 25' and 30' widths, while our American Classic Lean-To is available in 6', 8', 10', and 12' widths. Our American Hobby line is more budget-conscious with freestanding models rangeing from 8' to 10' widths, while the Hobby Lean-To styles are available in. The Greenhouse People Ltd, Blythe Park, Cresswell, Stoke-on-Trent ST11 9RD registered in England 04980265 Email: sales@robinsonsgreenhouses.co.uk | Tel: 01782 385409 | Fax: 01782 388818 Request your FREE Brochur

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Coolglass Greenhouse Shading Sachets. Protect your plants from damage caused by overheating your greenhouse during the hot summer months. Simply mix these sachets in water and then you can paint the mixture onto a greenhouse to create a temporary shading screen.Once the temperature cools down and you no longer need the shading; simply wipe away the shading layer with a duster If shade is all that's on offer, you can still have fun with ornamental plants like lilies and fuchsias. Measure the site for your greenhouse with pegs and string to give you an idea of the size. During summer high solar radiation some greenhouse cultivations need shading paint or woven shading fabric in order to reduce global insolation, high leaf temperatures or plant burning. Although fabrics can be adapted to changing global radiation by movable installations, shading paint reduces radiation permanently, even in cloudy conditions Greenhouse Shade Kit The Palram Hobby Greenhouse Shade Kit helps The Palram Hobby Greenhouse Shade Kit helps prevent heat buildup in your greenhouse and shades your plants from direct sunlight. Measuring 6 ft. x 6 ft., the shade kit features Smart-Lock connectors for easy assembly. This kit is compatible with any Palram and Rion Greenhouse

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The studies reported a 30 percent decrease in greenhouse heat gain for reflective materials compared to black shade cloth at the 60 percent shading level. This translated to significant reductions in both leaf temperature and greenhouse temperature, which increases a greenhouse's productivity potential overall Whatever your needs and requirements, at Greenhouse Sensation, we can help. We provide all the best tools, equipment and supplies for your allotment, greenhouse and garden to succeed. From shears and trowels, to harvesting tools and accessories, you'll find everything here to successfully grow and enjoy your foods the best way you can

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Used one summer. No holes or tips - like new. We don't need it anymore Blackout Shade System. If you grow plants that need extra beauty sleep, our blackout screens are double layered to provide more than 99.9% blackout (enough for the most sensitive plants). This even lets you choose an aluminum or white upper layer for solar reflection and a white under layer to intensify the effects of any supplemental lighting Rion Grand / Hobby / Prestige Roof Greenhouse Vent Kit. £37.00. Find everything you need for growing plants, from cuttings and seeds to tending weather-sensitive plants with our range of greenhouse accessories. We stock everything from heaters and shelters to protect your greenery to shelving and tiered staging to help organise your produce Halls 12ft Greenhouse Shading Screen. GBP 49.95. £49.95. ZipPay. 4 instalments of £12.48 with zip Learn more. Product Description. This shading screen provides curtain style shading, for when you need it in your greenhouse. This is an Extra Choice product 1 / 1Greenhouse Shade Painting and Glass Repair Maintenance 0.00000 From To Contract to cover maintenance tasks that require accessing the greenhouse roof, including application of liquid shading and emergency glass repairs to the greenhouse buildings located at 750 East 88th Street as specified below

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