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Citizen Science Marine Conservation Marine Conservation & Divemaster Marine Conservation & Instructor Aim To provide people who are passionate about the natural environment and keen to pursue a career in marine conservation, gaining practical experience working within a non-profit conservation organization Koh Tao Marine Conservation Internship Program. The Black Turtle Dive Conservation Internship program gives recreational scuba divers the opportunity to acquire the foundational knowledge necessary to understand our fragile marine ecosystem.. Our excellent program is structured, educational, flexible and practical offering students a great way to learn more about how a coral reef functions and. During this time you can expand your knowledge of marine conservation and help with general day-to-day operations of the centre. This internship is the perfect opportunity to enter the world of professional diving and / or marine conservation while living and working in a pristine environment to complete what will be a life changing experience

Doing a marine conservation diving internship is a great way to get your feet wet when starting your conservation diving career. When doing a conservation diving internship, you're often participating in research toward reef conservation efforts. By doing this you're expanding your coral reef knowledge, learning to survey fish and. Medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within 12 months. 18 years old. Our Divemaster internship is usually six weeks long. So you can help with marine conservation efforts and meet the Divemaster requirements. If you don't have requirements 1, 2 or 3, stay for longer Overview. This diving and marine conservation internship offers unique opportunities to dive in, explore and protect a stunning underwater environment. Diving in the crystal clear waters of the Lomaiviti Island Group consisting of 20 ancient islands, volcanic hillsides and pristine white-sand beaches, you'll be collecting data that will help. Indo Ocean Project is a marine research and conservation program in the heart of the coral triangle, training the next generation of dive professionals through our conservation divemaster internship program. Our field expeditions in Indonesia hosts international and local research projects on marine conservation efforts including marine megafauna, coral restoration, ecological monitoring. PADI Diving Internship Take your first step in making the beach your office and become a PADI Dive Professional. Gain experience being a Divemaster at one of the best dive locations in the world, take part in marine conservation research and learn more about the ocean to share with your future clients

While diving is a part of all our marine conservation projects in Puerto Morelos, any interns and volunteers, including those participating in community projects, can easily book a recreational dive. The stretch of ocean near Puerto Morelos is well-protected allowing divers and snorkelers to view Mexican marine life at its best Bay Islands College of Diving and Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center would like to introduce you to our Marine Research and Instructor Internship. Our focus is to offer you the training to become a certified PADI Instructor, combined with extensive experience in marine conservation Dive into the waters that support over 2000 species of fish and the second most diverse coral reefs in the world, witness first-hand wildlife behaviour such as shark feeding, turtle breeding and the migration of emblematic species, learn about marine conservation and research methods, contribute to monitoring human impact on marine ecosystems, and enjoy the scenes that Mozambique's oldest. On this internship, you will go scuba diving in the Indian Ocean while learning about and contributing to marine conservation efforts. During your stay, you will learn about professional survey techniques for underwater data collection on fish or coral - you will gain experience in taking underwater measurements, identifying different species.

Thailand. Thailand encompasses diverse marine ecosystem that is in the center of the mainland Southeast Asia. Diving here can be accessed through shore, boat or liveaboard with a big selection of reef diving, some wreck diving and thrilling drift diving. Completing a 4-week Divemaster Internship Program in a dive center starts at $1,200 Diving and extra qualifications. Blue Ventures offer diving certification up to Divemaster, so no matter what your experience they will train you up to be able to take part in dive surveys. However, as long as you have your PADI Advanced Open Water certification (or equivalent) you can join any of the Marine Conservation projects Aid in marine conservation efforts by collecting photographic data on different marine species while diving on some of the best reefs in the world. Read more... . Duration: 1 - 12 weeks. Start date: First Friday of each month. PADI Diving. Internship. Price from: R 42 390 The Marine Conservation Internship Program is a 35 hour per week commitment and includes weekend and evening activities. Interns are given a half day each work week for free time out of the office to dive/snorkel/kayak (often discounted or free of charge thanks to support from REEF's Conservation Partners), as well as volunteer in the community

The internship program is directed at those pursuing a career in coral reef conservation or management. The internship consists of the 4 Week program, plus 4-8 weeks of working as an assistant instructor for the program, diving minimum 5 days / week and pursuing projects you are most interested in while helping new students in the course In partnership with Bay Islands College of Diving, this program is designed to perfectly integrate the highest standard of dive training with current conservation projects here in Utila. This 3-month internship will develop all the skills necessary for furthering a career in marine conservation studies and professional diving Description. Your diving training starts at zero and we will lead you through two complete level of diver qualifications. Gain a speciality training certification before you assist with marine conservation tasks. You'll gain valuable and life-changing experiences with this exciting diving internship where you will help with important day to. The REEF Marine Conservation Internship provides an array of diverse experiences including SCUBA diving, outreach and education, data collection, non-profit operations, event planning, graphic design, social media development, and public speaking. 4-month long internship in Florida Our Coral Conservation and Reef Restoration Internship introduces individuals to the nonprofit sector of marine conservation, focusing on the restoration of coral reef ecosystems. Internships last 4 months and are full-time volunteer positions. Interns gain a vast amount of experience through participation in our community engagement programs.

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In September 2017, Marine Conservation Cambodia launched the Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project (CMMCP), the first long-term marine mammal research program in the coastal waters of Kep province, Cambodia. CMMCP aims to support the conservation of Kep's marine Mammals, the main focus of the first year was researching the Irrawaddy. Current Internships. 2021 AAUS Mitchell; 2021 National Park Service; 2021 REEF Marine Conservation; 2021 Somers AAUS; Internship Journeys; News; OWUSS; Past Internships. 2010 National Park Service; 2011 National Park Service; 2012 AAUS Scientific Diving; 2012 BonnierCorp DG Media; 2012 Monterey Bay Aquarium Diving Safety; 2012 National Park Servic In the Marine Conservation Internship you will have the opportunity to help with the conservation of the underwater ecosystem and the marine parks. Of course, you will receive comprehensive diving training before you go underwater. This involves identification training for marine wildlife such as turtles, fish, corals and invertebrates. You'll also be taught about coral baseline surveying, a. A strong interest in ocean life, marine conservation, citizen science, and diving is a plus. Participants from disciplines outside marine science are also encouraged to apply. The Internship Program is open to applicants in the US and abroad, but international applicants need to secure the necessary travel documents

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  1. g intakes**Each year Papua Explorers Dive Resort takes interns, who have the opportunity to spend between two up to 6 months here with us, completing their PADI Divemaster course and improving their marine ecology Continue reading Divemaster.
  2. Belize Diving and Marine Conservation Internship new Volunteer / Internships & Expeditions . GVI Ambergris Caye, Belize Jul, 13 . Divemaster and Research Diver Internship Volunteer / Internships & Expeditions . Indo Ocean Project Nusa Penida, Indonesia Dec, 28 . Communications.
  3. As the world's largest nonprofit ocean conservation organization focusing on restoring the Florida Reef Tract, the Coral Restoration Foundation™ relies heavily upon our internship program. These select individuals get the chance to fully immerse themselves within the multidisciplinary approach that we here at CRF™ use while simultaneously jumpstarting their career within the realm of.
  4. As a Marine Conservation Divemaster Intern, after completion of the course, you will then dive even further into coral restoration and the different conservation techniques we are using in Gili Air. During the Marine Conservation Internship, interns will help in monitoring the ongoing coral restoration project, learning even more about the.
  5. We offer 6-month internships suitable for both non divers and qualified divers. Following an intensive science training period (~3 months), you assist our core project staff with our core marine research and conservation, training of EcoDivers and Research Assistants, and general camp duties. You will also be trained to become a PADI Divemaster.
  6. Marine Conservation and PADI Divemaster Internship in Mexico. 24 week programme. Price from £5,095 (excluding flights) Departures: 9 January 2016, 12 April 2016, 25 June 2016, 17 September 2016. On the marine conservation and scuba diving internship on the Caribbean coast of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula, volunteers will be assessing the.

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  1. Our marine science expeditions offer interns from around the world a unique opportunity to get involved with Tobacco Caye Marine Station's research and community conservation work. Discover the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere by participating in our experiential internship with Tobacco Caye Marine Station
  2. Dive Internships. Under the direct supervision of Patty Grier, aspiring Dive Masters receive thorough training in what it means to become a SCUBA Diving Professional. These four-week programs are offered throughout the year and are designed to make the most the incredible facilities that CoCo View Resort has to offer
  3. Scientific Diver. 3 Weeks - USD $1500 . Our Scientific Diver professional-level certification course is an intensive training program designed to meet all the competency standards of the European Scientific Diver qualification.The course is aimed towards anyone interested in working in the environmental consulting industry, for conservation NGO's, or working with marine parks
  4. Marine Expedition and PADI Divemaster Marine Conservation Internship in Mexico Join GVI in Mexico for an intensive, 24-week internship that will improve your diving skills to Rescue Diver status and beyond , while training you as a marine conservationist
  5. istration. Diving takes place 1-4* times per week, with interns assisting CRF staff and volunteers in the management of CRF's offshore coral nurseries, the out-planting of coral colonies.
  6. imum of 12 scuba dives. Internship candidates must be at least Open Water certified with a
  7. Conservation Diving Internship: Work as a Marine Researcher and get a PADI diving certificate! An awesome opportunity to perform conservation diving and gain practical work experience by assisting the research team at the Marine Research Station in the beautiful Perhentian Islands

Raja Ampat Diving Project. Traveller rating: 14 - 84 Nights from $1,533.00. Dive unexplored reefs and partake in marine conservation projects amongst the islands of the beautiful Raja Ampat archipelago. View Project. Perhentian Islands Marine Project Marine Conservation interns will be spending time getting to know the local community and their traditional villages. The final 3 month work placement, will be either at a local dive shop or remaining on base. The Divemaster course will run according to the needs and demands of the shop, as an intern you are not a guest, you are a member of staff This page details options for PADI scuba instructors to intern with us and build experience and teach diving to fellow volunteers. If you are not yet an instructor, but want to become one with Marine Conservation Philippines through the PADI Instructor Development Course, you can find a lot more information on this page Marine Conservation and PADI Divemaster Internship in Fiji Enter the global scuba diving realm by acquiring a professional diving qualification on this program, while gaining work experience in the marine conservation field. Program Code: FJYW0307 Get involved with our Marine Conservation activities! You will find everything you need at the Freestyle Divers Academy, including marine biology classes, laboratory facilities, coral nurseries, artificial reef creation and tailored marine conservation internship programs!. If you are curious about the ocean, marine life and how it all works, you can learn about our local ecosystem from our.

Marine Conservation & PADI Divemaster Internship Seychelles. This 6 month long scuba diving internship starts with 10 weeks on our Seychelles Marine Conservation Expedition. During this time you will develop your scuba diving skills and your understanding of marine conservation. For this following phase, you will be based at a PADI dive centre It combined the perfect amount of volunteering in marine conservation (coral nursery, coral watch, reef check, invasive lionfish containment) and dive training (from OW to Dive Master) and what made it better were both the staff working on CRB, the professional team from Deefer Diving, and the scenario provided by the lovely island of Carriacou

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MARINE CONSERVATION internships . Join an internship and get involved with our daily marine conservation efforts. We offer placments ranging from 1 week to 6 months. Stay a while, or stay for a long time! POPULAR ECO INTERNSHIPS. 2 Week Eco Internship * 10 Days Eco Diving. * Participation in Eco projects. * All materials, and dive equipment. One of them is Coral Cay Conservation, a UK-based marine conservation organization which works to protect the health of coral reefs in the developing world. They are inviting volunteers to help oversee the safety of scuba diving activities on site and delivering scuba diving lessons in the Philippines In Fiji, we offer diving internships in marine conservation to protect and conserve sharks in the area. You'll act as a research assistant and be involved with shark tagging, diving and identification. Tagging sharks allows the research team to understand their habitat use, ecology, feeding habits and behaviour as well as improving global.

Marine Conservation Internship. During this 4 week internship you will work closely with marine biologists at the Great white shark capital of the world, Gansbaai in the southern Cape of South Africa. Be part of ongoing projects around the off-shore Dyer Island and study the behavior and population parameters of Great White sharks, Cape Fur. On this virtual internship in marine conservation you will assist with researching dolphin populations and behavior, working alongside expert marine scientists researchers to support dolphin conservation in Greece. This is a remote internship you can undertake from home Scuba Diving ECO Internships in Bali Do you care about the environment? In today's world that's a pretty loaded question. We all know that marine conservation is of increasing importance and now you have the chance to join our team at Blue Season Bali to do your part for the environment Marine Conservation Programs and internships. Want to take your scuba diving into the world of Marine conservation or Biology? We are partnered with a Marine Conservation non-profit here in Costa rica that allows us to offer training and certifications in a number of unique areas

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Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers offer volunteers an exciting Marine Conservation program on The Great Barrier Reef. Focusing on environmental protection and sustainability, this unique program is designed for volunteers interested in scuba diving, marine conservation, citizen science and education, and for those wanting to create some special moments. Yara is a marine scientists with a broad range of interest in biodiversity and conservation. During the last 14 years she has been working on a wide range of marine projects from applied conservation to description of new species Eco Koh Tao specialises in preparing and instructing divers and dive professionals with an emphasis on all aspects of marine conservation. We believe that our training and education will make you a better diver and preserve our coral reefs for generations to come. A range of diving courses focusing on all aspects of marine conservation


Marine Conservation Internship PADI Open Water Course Learn to scuba dive on Koh Tao and become a PADI Open Water diver gaining a license to dive anywhere in the world to a depth of 18 metres Coral Point Diving and Gianluca Lamberti, our in-house marine biologist, give you our brand new ECO Internship program in Dominican Republic. Designed to give you the ultimate diving holiday whilst doing your bit for the underwater environment, these Eco Internships offer you, the ECO enthusiast, the scuba diving experience of a lifetime Help maintain mooring and diving sites in the Marine Park; Keywords: Marine Park, Diving, Nature Conservation, Internship; Costs Explained. Introduction. Caribbean coral reefs are diverse and sensitive ecosystems that are vital to island economies and the well being of its populations. However they are under threat

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The instructors of Free Dive Flow love to share their passion with you and will definitely help you set and achieve your goals and explore your full potential. The AIDA 2 Freediver Course (Beginner Level) takes 3 days. Explore the coral reefs around the Gili Islands in a new and fun way during a Subwing Trip - $35 USD Overview. As a Caribbean Reef Buddy volunteer you will develop your skills both in and out of the water and gain invaluable, 'real life' experience of working within the field of marine conservation. Participants join us for a minimum 2-week foundation course which can cover formal dive training and preparation for working on the coral reefs PADI Courses Koh Tao Dive Tours Marine Conservation Diving Internships Contact Us ☏ +66 77 456 329 | info@simplelifedivers.com Simple Life Divers, 3/90 Moo 2, Sairee Beach, Koh Tao, Surat Thani, Thailand 8436

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A Conservation Internship with Big Blue Conservation is the perfect combination of diving and saving the world. Marine Ecology Mini Internship 7,500 Our Marine Conservation Internship program lasts 3 months and is dedicated to the study of the marine environment and its life forms. This includes all marine organisms - from the smallest bacteria to the largest animals - and the interactions between them and their environment, the physical and chemical properties of marine ecosystems, the role of the oceans as a global system, among. The Blue View Divers Volunteer Internship is a unique opportunity to learn about all of our Conservation Programs in addition to our local community projects. Due to the limited spaces we offer this mostly to Gap year students and young divers who are considering a career in Marine Conservation

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The PADI/SSI Divemaster and Research Diver Internship will give you the skills needed to work either in marine conservation/research or the diving industry. You will meet like-minded individuals and be able to network with experienced and aspiring marine biologists and organizations from around the world WORLDWIDE PROFESSIONAL DIVING INTERNSHIP NETWORK. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL PADI INSTRUCTOR & DIVEMASTER INTERNSHIP NETWORK A Dive-Careers Internship is your passport to a great lifestyle in the tropics or anywhere in the world with water! We support MARINE CONSERVATION PROJECTS throughout Asia Interns will leave the internship with diving experience and research exposure that can be carried into their future careers. Whether an intern is interested in coral reef ecosystems, or marine conservation, the summer internship provides a unique opportunity to understand the environment first hand while experiencing a new culture and island. Internships - Coral Cay Conservation. Our Internships. Time for a new adventure. We offer two internships that have been designed to develop and progress your professional skills within the project management, conservation and professional dive industry. We have strived to strike a balance between theoretical and active elements in order to.

Eco Diving Internship Marine Conservation and Eco Diving in Koh Tao. Eco Diving Internship Blog Eco Diving Internship. I'm halfway through my time with Eco Koh Tao, Crystal Dive's in house marine conservation team, and it's time to look back on what I've done and look forward to the upcoming two months One Ocean Diving is a feel good and easy way for the public to support marine conservation efforts while they have fun in a recreational activity under the safety of the most extensively trained professionals who work full time with as marine animal researchers and guides Marine conservation is of increasing importance and educated dive leaders and resource managers will be in greater demand. Eco internships are progressively important for divers looking to gain employment in the diving community and looks impressive on your resume. However, anybody can participate in our internship programs There is no substitute for an internship for enhancing your knowledge, skills and confidence in the water. At Big Blue Conservation, alongside our speciality courses, we are proud to offer opportunities to gain real-world experience in working on the front line in marine conservation through our long-term internships lead by our resident Marine Biologist

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Joining a marine conservation internship field course is a great way to meet new people. Not only the course instructors and scientists who you are joining to learn from, but also exposed to the circles of people that they know in the industry and of course the other students on the course who will be in a similar position to you in terms of. Additional dives during your conservation internship week will also include: Marine animal observation night dive; Practice survey dive; Artificial reef introduction dive; Artificial reef maintenance dive; Dive equipment rental, boat and tank fees, course certification fee, and eco pack cost are all included in the main cost for the program The Marine Discoveries Internship (MDI) is a multi-faceted internship program aimed to increase the amount of research, education and conservation on the Great Barrier Reef. There's absolutely no better way to positively contribute and effect a huge change to the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef than becoming part of it Our marine conservation internships aim to provide individuals with a thorough and in-depth knowledge and understanding of reef ecology and conservation. Throughout their internship, participants will have thorough training on several reef-based topics including: Coral, reef fish, pelagic fish and invertebrate ecology

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On the Marine Conservation project in Croatia all volunteers complete the internationally-recognized Scuba Schools International (SSI) diving certifications. Your Program Fee covers the cost of the required online and in-person training, full scuba equipment hire and volunteer supervision from an experienced dive instructor By taking part in marine conservation internships abroad, you can be a part of changing this negative tide. Your work makes a vital difference, whether you choose to research corals and sea grasses or work to rehabilitate marine wildlife and spread awareness in local and international communities As a marine conservation intern, you'll live and work on Benguerra Island, where the research station is based. It's a stunning island, framed by white sandy beaches, and surrounded by the most incredible abundance of marine life, including whales, dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles