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  2. Liriope muscari, commonly called lilyturf or blue lily turf, is a tufted, tuberous-rooted, grass-like perennial which typically grows 12-18 tall and features clumps of strap-like, arching, glossy, dark green leaves (to 1 wide). Clumps slowly expand by short stolons, but do not spread aggressively like Liriope spicata
  3. g, perennial in the Asparagaceae (asparagus) family. The name liriope is derived from new Latin and is a nymph in Roman mythology. Though it may resemble an ornamental grass it is not a true grass
  4. Big Blue Lilyturf. Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' SKU. 00967. Abundant blue flower spikes rise above the attractive, tufted arching, grass-like foliage followed by clusters of black berries. Superior edging, border or groundcover. Tolerates drier conditions when established. Evergreen
  5. g a dense clump of narrow, arching, dark green, strappy leaves. Bloo
  6. Big Blue Liriope (Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'), also known as Lily Turf or Monkey Grass, produces abundant blue flower spikes that rise above the attractive, dark green, grass-like foliage. After flowering, the spikes are loaded with clusters of beautiful black berries which often last into winter. This evergreen perennial is a superior edging.
  7. Liriope muscari Growing and Care Guide. Scientific Name: Liriope muscari Common Name (s): Big Blue Lilyturf, Lily turf, and Monkey grass, Spider Grass Growing Zone (USA / UK Hardiness): 5 to 10 / H5 Plant Details. Life Cycle / Plant Type: Evergreen perennial. Turf-like growth habit. Plant Height: 1 to 1 1/2 feet (30 to 45 cm) Plant Spread: 3/4 to 1 foot (22 to 30 cm

'Big Blue' Liriope is a low-maintenance groundcover for the most challenging sites. Spikes of blue-violet blooms complement deep green arching foliage in late summer, and almost black berries in fall. Plants tolerate a range of conditions from full sun to shade, clay to sandy soils, and wet or dry sites Liriope Big Blue - Common name:Lilyturf, Monkey Grass - Abundant blue flower spikes rise above the attractive, tufted arching, grass-like foliage followed by clusters of black berries. Liriope Big Blue is the improved version of an old time favorite that makes a good ornamental or edging plant. Lily Turf will thrive in a wide range of conditions from dry shade o full sun Big Blue Liriope forms a dense evergreen clump 8 inch to 18 inch tall and wide. Can be used on tight spacings as a groundcover or for edging or specialty work. Blue-purple to white flowers are more attractive than those of Mondo Grass. Big Blue Liriope is a perennial with a mounding habit of growth Big Blue Lily Turf is a dense herbaceous perennial with a ground-hugging habit of growth. Its medium texture blends into the garden, but can always be balanced by a couple of finer or coarser plants for an effective composition

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Big Blue Liriope. Plant Type: Ground Cover. Tolerates heat, humidity and drought. Evergreen, grassy perennial. Fountain-like habit. Lavender flowers rise above foliage. Size. Plant SKU Size Big Blue Lilyturf (Liriope muscari): This lilyturf grows in a clump form, making it well-suited for edging. The leaves are a little wider (3/8 to ½-inch wide) and the flowers somewhat bigger than those of creeping lilyturf. 'Majestic' is a strong grower that grows to 12 to 15 inches tall. It has large, showy, deep lilac flowers and ½-inch. Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' Common Name: Blue Lily-turf, Monkey Grass. A grass-like plant that blooms! Lirope is a unique, evergreen grassy perennial with wide, dark green, strappy leaves and a fountain-like habit. Delightful, lilac-purple flowers resembling grape hyacinths are displayed above the foliage in late summer Lily Turf 'Big Blue' {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25} 25 - 249: $3.87 each | 250 - 999: $3.67 each. (Liriope) Tall, thin and vivid evergreen grass-like foliage and slim spikes of lavender to periwinkle toned hyacinth-like blooms, followed by ebony-blue berries. 12-15 tall, spreads moderately fast. In stock. Add to Cart

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Gardener Tips Big Blue is a runner and does not stay in clump form like other varieties of Liriope muscari . It does not spread as quickly as varieties of Liriope spicata , but it does send out rhizomes and slowly spreads that way. Plan accordingly when choosing a planting location Shutterstock/Big High Mountian. Liriope muscari, commonly called lilyturf or blue lily turf, is a tufted, tuberous-rooted, grass-like perennial which typically grows 12-18 tall. L. spicata spreads to form open colonies. It helps with erosion control on mild slopes and thrives in the shade beneath shallow-rooted trees Asparagaceae. Genus: Liriope (lir-RYE-oh-pee) ( Info) Species: muscari (mus-KAR-ee) ( Info) Cultivar: Big Blue. 8 vendors have this plant for sale. 11 members have or want this plant for trade Testing Soil pH Soil pH is a measurement of the alkalinity or acidity of soil and is measured on a scale of 1-14, with 7 as the neutral mark. Any measurement below 7 indicates acid soil conditions, and anything above 7 indicates alkaline. If you're unsure about the pH of your soil, or whether or not it is suitable for growing Liriope, it's a good idea to test the pH in the planting area

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Over 70% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' Big Blue Lilyturf. Grass-like, clump-forming with blue spiky flowers. Height: 12-18 in Width: 18-24 in Soil Conditions: Moist/Well Drained Flower Color: Blue Bloom Time: Jul, Aug Hardiness Zone: 5 TO 10. Item # Crop Image Size Current Inventory; 22988.1G #1 Big Blue Lily Turf is evergreen in warm winter climates with strappy narrow dark green leaves in clumps 12-1824 high slowly expanding. Small lavender flowers in late summer give way to blackish berries. Plant in mass for a hummocky ground cover as single accent or in small groupings. Easily grown in average soil with moderate moisture in sun to part shade Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' has beautiful blue flower spikes that appear in summer on tufts of grass-like foliage. Black berries follow blooms. Use as edging, border and groundcovers. Big Blue Liriope Care. Plant in average, medium moist, well-drained soil. Water regularly to establish and weekly throughout the growing season Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' - (Big Blue Lily Turf) A perennial that forms clumps of dark green grass-like leaves reach to 15 inches by about 2 feet wide but can grow taller and wider in shaded locations. Bell-shaped purple flowers bloom in early to mid-summer with flowers not quite reaching to the top of the foliage and are followed by small.

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Scientific Name: Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' Name: Liriope Big Blue Muscari Hardiness Zone: 5 - 11 Blooming Season: Summer Plant Habit: Clumping Characteristics: Clump Forming, Easy Care, Ornamental Berries, Waterwise, Pet Friendly Landscape Use: Border, Container, Erosion Control, Firescaping/Fire Wise, Mass Planting, Cutting Garden, Edging, Coastal Exposure, Ground Cove LIRIOPE MUSCARI BIG BLUE. Medium width foliage Clumping Lavender flower spike Mature height 12-15 Hardy zones 6-10 Sun or shade. 1 Gallon - $1.50 4 - $.70 eac Big Blue Lilyturf - Liriope muscari - 18 Count Flat of Pint Pots; Big Blue forms neat clumps of grassy foliage that gradually increase in size over time, making it a perfect choice for use as a border. Get all the details below . Big Blue Lilyturf - Liriope muscari - 18 Count Flat of Pint Pots Liriope muscari is an evergreen Perennial growing to 0.3 m (1ft) by 0.5 m (1ft 8in) at a slow rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) 8. It is in leaf all year, in flower from September to October. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs). Suitable for: light (sandy) and medium (loamy) soils and prefers well-drained soil

Liriope muscari 'Royal Purple'. SKU. 00977. Showy spikes of deep purple flowers rise above the arching, dark green, grass-like foliage, followed by clusters of black ornamental berries. A superb groundcover, edging or border plant for partially shaded woodland areas. Excellent for use along rock-edged pools and waterfalls Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' Lily turf. Liriope 'Big Blue' is a wonderful way to edge a path or bed. A clumping, grass-like evergreen with dark leaves, 'Big Blue' produces erect, showy flower spikes with tiered whorls of dense, lavender flowers in late summer. These are followed by black berry-like fruits that appear in fall, which are eaten and.

Big Blue Liriope is an improved version of an old traditional favorite. The standard Muscari ( Green Liriope ) has been used in staggering numbers over the past several decades, due to its excellent hardiness, thick coverage, and extremely wide variety of landscape applications How to care Liriope muscari (Big blue lilyturf) Common names in English include big blue lilyturf, lilyturf, border grass, and monkey grass. It is a perenni.. Big Blue Liriope Plant Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'. Size. Regular price. $19.99. Call 877-345-0146 for Availability and Pricing. Sale price. $19.99. 1 Plant - Sold Out 1 Gallon - $19.99 4 Plants (1 Gallon) - $59.99 10 Plants (1 Gallon) - $149.99 3 Plant - Sold Out 6 Plant - Sold Out Description. Binomial Liriope Muscari 'Big Blue' Hardiness Zone 5 - 11; Plant Height 12 - 15 in; Plant Spread 12 - 15 in; Habit Slow - Spreadin

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  1. Liriope muscari and over 1000 other quality seeds for sale. Call us at 1 315 4971058. Liriope muscariis aspeciesof low,herbaceousflowering plantsfromEast Asia. Common names in English includebig blue lilyturf,lilyturf,border grass, andmonkey grass. It is aperennialwith grasslikeevergreenfoliage and lilacpurple flowers which produce singleseeded berries on a spike in the fall.BotanyIt is an.
  2. My Liriope Won't Bloom. The grass-like foliage of liriope (Liriope spp.), sometimes called lily turf, garners enthusiastic support from alternative-lawn aficionados. Hardy in U.S. Department of.
  3. Liriope spicata or L. muscari: Common Name: Liriope, lilygrass, big blue turflily (L. muscari); creeping liriope, monkey grass (L. spicata) Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial: Mature Size: 9-18 inches tall, 12-24 inch spread: Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade: Soil Type: Average, well-drained soil: Soil pH: 6.0 to 7.0 (slightly acid to.
  4. Liriope muscari 'Big Blue', or Lilyturf, is an evergreen groundcover with a tufted, grass-like habit. Displays showy lilac-purple flower spikes followed by black berries. Deer resistant. Ornamental Grasses are low maintenance and grow well in most soil types. They look beautiful, adding color, height, and movement to your garden. Lilyturf is an excellent companion plant with contrasting foliage
  5. Big Blue: An improved strain that has broader and longer leaves and larger flower spikes than the common Liriope muscari. Big Blue is very similar to the variety Majestic except that it tends to produce tapered spikes while Majestic spikes tend to be wider at the tip and thus are cockscomb in shape

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Big Blue Liriope Plant Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' 12 * Images shown are of mature plants. Size. Why Big Blue Liriope Plants? Grassy evergreen foliage merges with bold blue-purple blooms, making the Big Blue Liriope an eye-catching favorite. The flowers mark the end of summer, lasting until fall then giving way to shiny black berries in the winter Liriope Super Blue that Perfect Plants sells is an improved version of the Big Blue Liriope that grows a bit taller and can handle more sunshine. Liriope Royal Purple is a member of the common lilyturf that resembles grape hyacinth because of its purple flower stalks

Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' Lily-turf. The lavender-blue flowers of 'Big Blue' Lily-turf appear in late summer. Liriope tolerates dry and difficult sites, and is an evergreen spreader. The flower spikes make good short cut flowers Big blue lilyturf. Position: partial shade or full shade. Soil: well-drained soil. Flowering period: August to October. Height: 0,3-0,4m. Foliage: evergreen. Hardiness: fully hardy. With evergreen grass-like leaves and attractive spikes of violet-purple flowers in late summer, Liriope muscari adds interest to a border all year-round The Liriope 'Big Blue' is salt water tolerant. The Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' can withstand heavy foot traffic, as well as smog from automobiles and other sources. Large lavender blooms appear on narrow stems in July-Sept. Delivery Time: Shrubs and Vines are shipped year round and should arrive in 7-10 to business days from when the order was.

Big Blue Liriope Plant with Grass-Like Green Foliage and Purple Blooms. $19.92. PROVEN WINNERS 2 Gal. Pugster Blue Buddeia Shrub with True-Blue Flowers. $27.98. muscari Big Blue. Common Name. Monkey Grass. Fragrance. None. Granular (Yes/No) No. Growth Habit. Spreading. Hardiness Zone Liriope muscari 'Super blue' Super Blue Liriope is a small, clumping ground cover with delicate violet flowers. From Summer to early Fall, these flowers bloom in cone-shaped bunches at the end of tall green stems. Super Blue is noted for having showiest blooms of the Liriope family

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muscari Common name Lilyturf Moisture Well-drained Aspect Shade Spread 45cm (18in) Description. You can't go wrong with this evergreen, recommended for light shade beneath trees and shrubs. Care Tips. Prefers well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Shelter from cold winds and cut down to ground level in spring to promote fresh growth Liriope is deer, rabbit, pollution, and salt tolerant. The Big Blue is widely used in the landscape. Mostly for borders around plant beds to soften up the landscape and also hold in mulch. Plant about 1-2 feet apart for a nice border. If you have other areas you can also use this Liriope as a groundcover buy Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'. (Liriope platyphylla, Liriope graminifolia densiflora, Ophiopogon muscari). For ground cover, edging or for its lovely blue flower Liriope muscari. big blue lily-turf. in stock. (shipped in 3-5 working days) 2 litre pot. £18.99

If what you are after is a tall, grassy, evergreen with bloom and berries, Big Blue is the Liriope for you. Slender, high blades of mid-green foliage bow gracefully at maturity revealing heavenly hyacinth-like blooms on spikes from late summer through autumn. Particularly delightful when in bloom, the tight clusters of lilac buds appear similar to lavender from a distance and are followed by. Abundant blue flower spikes rise above the attractive, tufted arching, grass-like foliage followed by clusters of black berries. Superior edging, border or groundcover. Tolerates drier conditions when established. Evergreen. Botanical Name: Liriope muscari Sun: Partial sun Water: Best with regular watering - weekly, or more often in ext

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Botanical name. Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' Other names. Big blue lilyturf 'Big Blue' Genus. Liriope Liriope. Variety or Cultivar 'Big Blue' _ 'Big Blue' is a clump-forming, tuberous, evergreen perennial with with arching, linear to strap-shaped, glossy, dark green leaves and erect, dense, purple-flushed spikes of purple-blue flowers in late summer and autumn, followed by bright purple berries Liriope muscari Big Blue. Ligularia stenocephala 'The Rocket' Liriope muscari 'Monroe White' Liriope muscari Big Blue. Size: A clump-forming evergreen perennial with strap-like, dark green leaves and spikes of densely clustered, lavender-blue flowers in late autumn. Likes moist, well-drained, preferably acid soil in part or full shade Lilyturf is a broadleaf evergreen, clump-forming, perennial in the Asparagaceae or asparagus family. The name liriope is derived from new Latin and is a nymph in Roman mythology. Though it may resemble an ornamental grass it is not a true grass. 'Silvery Sunproof' is a cultivar of lilyturf with brightly variegated silvery striped leaves and. Liriope muscari 'BIG BLUE' Monkey Grass, the most well known variety of Liriope, deep green foliage, lilac flower spikes, moderate spreader. This ornamental grass has a clumping growth habit, and once mature can reach 12-15 in. tall. Liriope is very adaptable and can thrive in poor soils and dry conditions 5 LILYTURF Liriope Muscari aka Big Blue Lily Turf / Monkey Grass Flower Seeds SEEDVILLEUSA $ 3.00. Variegated Liriope: Liriope muscari 'Variegata', Monkey Grass, Creeping Lilyturf PerfectPlantsNursery $ 34.95. 5 Native Buttonbush bareroot seedlings JLPfarmsTN $ 12.00. Liriope Muscari - Royal Purple - 1 Gallon.

Apr 10, 2020 - Big Blue Liriope is a hardy monkey grass that is used in many landscapes. Prefect for bordering walkways, patios, and filling in areas that need groundcover. Order today for quick doorstep delivery Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for LIRIOPE MUSCARI BIG BLUE, LILY TURF 10 seeds at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products With a range of varieties available for sale online including the well known 'evergreen giant', 'big blue', 'variegata', and' majestic' Liriope Muscari is a tough, drought resistant plant and easy to establish. Liriope muscari may also be suitable for erosion control in some situations

The Big Blue Liriope is a great perennial for groundcover or border plantings. Enjoy showy flower spikes of lavender flowers in late summer! Flowers transform to black berries late in the fall going into winter. Some people call it Monkey Grass! This grass-like perennial features lavender flower spikes during the summer months along with black. Liriope muscari Big Blue. Liriope muscari Big Blue provides year round interest with it's highly attractive glossy, dark green, arching grass-like foliage and autumn flowers. It produces tall, erect spikes of violet flowers resembling Muscari in autumn followed by black berries that last well into winter. An excellent plant for ground cover This map identifies those states that list this species on their invasive species list or law. Invasive Listing Sources: Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council. Non-Native Invasive Plants of Arlington County, Virginia. Non-Native Invasive Plants of the City of Alexandria, Virginia. South Carolina Exotic Pest Plant Council Contact Us 405 Belmont Road Athens, GA 30605-4905 US Tel: 706-543-0145 Toll Free: 1-800-248-8424 Fax: 1-706-369-984

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Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'. Irresistible blue-purple flowers that are similar to those of Grape Hyacinths appear in mid to late summer. The foliage is wide, strappy and grass-like. It is deer and rabbit resistant, as well as drought tolerant once established in the landscape. Versatile grass-like plant that looks great anywhere--try it as an. Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' LIMITED TIME SALE PRICE!! Commonly called 'lilyturf' or 'blue lily turf', this dark-green wide blade grass is common in most all Japanese gardens. It is used to give a feeling of calm. They are often seen around water, and will have showy flower spikes of violet-purple flowers that rise above the leaves in late summer Forestfarm.com carries Liriope muscari, more commonly known as Big Blue. An excellent Zone 5 perennial. Sign up for our newsletter & get 10% off at checkout Lirope is a unique, evergreen grassy perennial with wide, dark green, strappy leaves and a fountain-like habit. Delightful, lilac-purple flowers resembling grape hyacinths are displayed above the foliage in late summer. 'Big Blue' is a clump-forming selection so it won't take over the garden. Use it in containers or in the landscape

Liriope muscari Big Blue. Start Stop Sto Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' Lilyturf. A grass-like perennial that forms clumps of dark green strap-like foliage. Lilac flowers appear in late summer followed by inedible black berries. It makes an excellent groundcover or border plant. Add to Plant List . Characteristics & Attributes Big Blue Lily Turf is a dense herbaceous perennial with a ground-hugging habit of growth. Its medium texture blends into the garden, but can always be balanced by a couple of finer or coarser plants for an effective composition. This is a relatively low maintenance plant, and is best cleaned up in early spring before it resumes active growth. Email now. 541-501-3952. Container: 3. Availability List. Download Availability List (634 KB) A Rocky Mountain Nursery. Independence, OR. Email now. 503-838-4222 Variegated Lilyturf also known Liriope Muscari Use as a clumpy groundcover or as border edging; Blooms in late Summer with purple-lilac-blue (my best description) flowers; Flowers resemble grape hyacinths; Evergreen - keeps its color year-round; Perennial in USDA Zones 5 - 11 (Your own growing conditions may vary.

Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' Lilyturf. Watch video on YouTube. This is the truest form of big blue Liriope. Consistently uniform in texture, leaf size, height and growth habits it is the preferred lirope for landscaping projects that count. This hardy clump grower has arching,. Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' Lilyturf Big Blue DESCRIPTION Liriope Big Blue is an attractive, tufted evergreen ground cover plants with arching, grass like foliage. This liriope forces abundant blue flower spikes above the mounded blue green foliage in summer followed by clusters of black berries

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  1. Buy your Big Blue Liriope here at Greenwood Nursery and Save! Liriope Big Blue is an attractive, tufted evergreen ground cover plant with arching, grass like foliage.. The Big Blue forces abundant blue flower spikes above the mounded blue green foliage in summer followed by clusters of black berries.. This easy to grow Liriope is the perfect choice for edging or bordering partially shaded.
  2. Super Blue Liriope Care. Partial to full sun is most beneficial to the Super Blue Lilyturf. This plant will thrive in four to six hours of sun each day. Average soil that is well drained is desired. This plant is adaptable to a wide range of soil types and varying pH levels. Water needs are average for the Super Blue Lilyturf
  3. g a clump of strap-shaped dark green leaves. Lilac buds and flower spikes appear in late summer, followed by black berries. Excellent groundcover or border plant. USDA Z6 - Cold Hardy to 0 to -10 (F) Sun to Shade

Product Description. Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'. Big Blue Lilyturf. Zones 5 to 10; Full sun to dense shade. Mature size 12 to 18 inches height, clump forms a dense grass-like groundcover. Evergreen, clump-forming perennial displays wide blade-like, dark green foliage. Dense spikes have clusters of large, deep lilac flowers in late summer to fall Big Blue Muscari - Liriope - Lilyturf - Sun/Shade - 48 Plants. MSRP: $60.00 $49.99 (You save $10.01 ) (2) Write a Review Write a Review Close ×. Big Blue Muscari - Liriope - Lilyturf - Sun/Shade - 48 Plants. Rating Required. Name. Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'. Showy whorled lavender flowers on short spikes, just proud of the body of the plant. Flowers lead to dark blue to black berries, persisting into the winter. Semi-evergreen strap-like arching glossy dark green blades, up to 20 mm wide, 60 cm long. Grown for its slow-spreading clump-forming habit big blue liriope, big blue lily turf liriope muscari. Forms large clumps 12 feet tall and eventually a bit widerbut does not spread by underground stems. Loose growth habit, with arching, typically dark green leaves to 2 feet or longer, inches wide Lirope muscari 'Big Blue' • Use: An attractive, tufted evergreen perennial groundcover with arching, grasslike foliage. Superior edging or border for partially shaded areas. • Exposure/Soil: Full sun- part sun. Needs at least 3 hours afternoon sun for good leaf coloring. Prefers moist, but not wet soils

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Liriope muscari 'Aztec' Liriope m. Evergreen Giant (limited supply) Liriope m. Big blue Liriope m. 'Super Blue' Liriope Spicata Liriope Variegated (aka Silvery Sunproof) Ophiopogon japonicas 'Dwarf Mondo' (Nana) Ophiopogon japonicas 'Mondo' Society garlic green Society garlic variegate Liriope muscari, left, is one of those grasses that is seemingly everywhere. Sometimes called lilyturf, it is hardy and hardly needs any care. Variegated forms are common. An easy native substitute is any one of a number of Carex or sedge grasses with wider leaves such as the blue wood sedge. Another blue carex is 'bunny blue hobb ®' sedge. Liriope Muscari 'Super Blue' is a fast growing perennial plant that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5B through 9B. It matures to an average height of 1 foot to 2 feet and an average width of 1 foot to 3 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors Lily-turf (liriope muscari 'Big Blue') April 23, 2019 October 5, 2018 by Keir Watson. I have three clumps of lily turf in one of my woodland beds in my permaculture mini-woodland. They have been there for well over five years, but have only ever produced a few sparse flower spikes each year, despite the evergreen foliage having clumped up. Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' AGM. Pot size: 1 Litre. Plant size: 45cm (18in) Growing condition: Partial - full shade. Flowering season: September to October. Predictably large with blue flowers. One of the best of the good flowering forms, and strong evergreen foliage. Price: (2 or fewer plants) £5.95

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Size. Liriope muscari variegata is a slower growing variety of the lily turf plant. Each clump grows to about 1 1/2 feet tall and about 2 feet wide when mature. Since it does not spread as quickly as the plain green variety, it is easier to maintain in a garden.. Flowers. The plant blooms in late summer and has pretty purple flowers on short stalks that sit above the plant Liriope muscari is an evergreen perennial with neat, low, grassy foliage, from which masses of blue-purple spikes, similar to grape hyacinths, emerge in autumn. It's perfect for growing in a mixed herbaceous border and can be left undisturbed for many years to form low-maintenance ground cover

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  1. Liriope muscari, big blue lilyturf, In summer, in the garden in August, Korea, Liriope platyphylla has a long stick-like flower bed with many small, pretty purple flowers. Liriope muscarii gold banded deep purple flowers on upright stems. Lilyturf AZTEC GRASS at Mercer Arboretum and Botanical Gardens in Spring, Texas. LIRIOPE.
  2. Liriope muscari 'Aztec' Liriope m. Evergreen Giant Liriope m. Big blue Liriope m . 'Mayan Blue' - NEW Liriope m. 'Super Blue' - NEW Liriope Spicata Liriope spicata 'Silver Dragon' Liriope Variegated (aka Silvery Sunproof) Ophiopogon japonicas 'Dwarf Mondo' (Nana) Ophiopogon japonicas 'Mondo' Society garlic gree
  3. The Liriope Super Blue plant is an improved addition to the more common Big Blue Liriope muscari that grows a bit taller and can tolerate more direct sunlight. This versatile ornamental grass can instantly transform any yard with its striking lavender-blue flower blossoms and fierce, spiky dark green foliage
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  1. ifolia densiflora, Ophiopogon muscari). US nickname, Lily Turf or Big Blue. A shorter form, growing to 35cm with a reputation for flowering very freely with spikes of violet blue
  2. Plant grade of 'Big Blue' liriope, grown in experiment 3, improved, and foliage developed less chlorosis when fertilizer rates were increased from 5 to 20 g/6 inch nursery pot (Table 2). Plants receiving 4 lbs/yd 3 Micromax incorporated into the medium also had higher plant grades and less chlorosis compared to plants in medium containing 0 or.
  3. Liriope muscari. Common name: Lily turf, Big blue lily turf. Other cultivars and species: L. spicata. Family: Liliaceae (Ruscaceae) Zone: 5-10, not always reliable in zone 5. Identifying characteristics: Tufted grass like plants with purple or white flower spikes and round blue/black berries. Evergreen in south
  4. A Floridata plant profile of species Liriope muscari, commonly called liriope, border grass, lily-turf. Home . Plant List . Articles & Resources . Flowering Plants of Hawaii. Introduction. Dicot Families . 1 Acanthaceae - Aizoaceae. 2 Amaranthaceae - Anacardiaceae. 3 Apiaceae - Apocynaceae
  5. liriope muscari - liriope muscari stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. morning view of seongbak forest, seongju, south korea - liriope muscari stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. stone path through garden - liriope muscari stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. big blue lily turf garden - liriope muscari stock pictures.
  6. Monkey grass (Liriope spicata) is a grass that is quite common in areas that are hilly or uneven because they fill in the area quite nicely.It comes in thick and is quite easy to grow. A lot of people are not sure about what to do when pruning monkey grass or cutting monkey grass
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