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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now Valspar. For over 200 years Valspar® Paint have been trusted with your colours. The colours that are personal. The colours you want to fill your life with. Whether it's a picture in a magazine, a colour scheme you've fallen in love with from Pinterest, or the colour of the lampshade, we can match from 2.2 million colours* Valspar® Trade Tintable Walls & Ceilings paint is an advanced acrylic emulsion with excellent opacity. Giving superb application and a tough, durable & scrubbable finish. It's available in any of the 2000 pre-selected colours on the chip rack in store or can be colour matched any colour, up to 2.2M

When you've found your colour and selected a sample, bring it into any B&Q store which offers Valspar colour mixing. Once you've chosen your colour, all you need to do is choose the right paint product for your project. Your unique colour-matched colour can be mixed into any high-quality paint products Find the colours you love, from the comfort of your home. Order up to 10 painted colour chips online and find the perfect colours before getting the paint mixed at B&Q. For £5/€5 your selected colour chips will get delivered direct to your doorstep together with a £5/€5 voucher to redeem against your next Valspar purchase As an experienced DIYer and landlord I have used most of the Valspar range and use the V700 mixed colours a lot. However, this particular Perfect White failed and crackled in my home exactly as other reviewers have said both times that I used it (in separate rooms at separate times). B&Q club B&Q finance B&Q gift cards Planning. The Valspar Corporation, which owns PlastiKote among other paint brands, has announced a strategic partnership with B&Q which will see the DIY giant supply a full selection of premium Valspar paints in every store

Wall & ceiling paint. So, you're looking to redecorate. Interior emulsion is a great place to start. With our extensive range of colours and types of paint you're bound to find the right paint for the room and surface you want to change. Our emulsion paints are available in a variety of finishes so you can get the look you want Clear Filters. Blissful Blue. 4005-3C. Color of the Year. Soft Candlelight. 3005-6C. Color of the Year. Granite Dust. 5006-1C

Connect with a Color Expert. Get a free virtual consultation from one of our color experts. You're just a few clicks away from personalized advice for your space, and paint chips delivered to your door. Connect with an Expert I bought Valspar premium v700 interior from B&Q. The paint dries to a tacky finish, has already started to flake after 12 hours, and chips easily. The paint 100% is not wipeable With Europe's largest range of 2,000 pre-selected colours, Valspar have countless combinations waiting to be mixed for you in store. Just order the colour chip you like from the comfort of your home and get the paint mixed in store. And if you really have an eye for detail, our state-of-the-art colour matching technology can match over 2.2. Just so, is Valspar owned by B&Q? The Valspar Corporation, which owns PlastiKote among other paint brands, has announced a strategic partnership with B&Q which will see the DIY giant supply a full selection of premium Valspar paints in every store.. Subsequently, question is, what company makes Valspar paint? The Sherwin-Williams Company . Likewise, is Valspar paint any good

Buy a new colour of an eligible Valspar Paint from B&Q. Do not return the original colour to the store. Be sure to keep both receipts, you won't be able to claim without them. Eligible products only (check here before buying), in 2.5l, 5l and 10l products, up to 10l of the same product, finish & colour. Please check Terms & Conditions for. Valspar Paint Colour Chart B Q - Buy wall ceiling paint at b q 1000s of diy supplies free delivery on orders over 50 open 7 days a week products reviewed by customers. Get all the information you need to help with your latest project from the latest trends and the colours to create them

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Avoid over applying. Apply in a thin layer and let dry 8 to 12 hours, before the 2nd coat. Applying Valspar Cabinet & Furniture Enamel with a Foam Roller. Roll the largest expanses and in long consistent strokes follow the direction of the item, i.e. from top to bottom on a cabinet door and side to side on a drawer Valspar Paint Color Chart Uk - Sue kim valspar color strategist. To our top crowd pleasing colours and neutrals. This energetic green sets the stage for whatever the day brings. Many of the valspar mixing desks in b q stores are now open thanks to the safety measures that b q have put in place however please note that colour matching may not always be available due to the social distancing. Valspar has you covered with an extensive array of interior paint and primer products to fit your project needs. View our product selection at Valspar.com B&Q in payouts over bad paint smells. B&Q says it will compensate hundreds of people who experienced bad smells after painting their homes with Valspar paint that it sold them. Customers have.

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Valspar Inspiration Guide . Get all the information you need to help with your latest project, from the latest trends and the colours to create them. to our top crowd pleasing colours and neutrals. As well as the entire product range from paints to primers and problem solvers B&Q staff mix the Valspar paint in store to the requested colour and show it to the customer before refitting the lid on the container. The company does not use the small metal lid retainers. We had a similar problem with Valspar paint and the hideous smell. B&Q were actually quite good at the time as BBC Watchdog and The Times newspaper had both reported on the issue. B&Q gave us new materials that were supposed to 'seal in' the horrible smell and stop the headaches/ bad health we were also suffering (me pregnant at the time!) Desert Fortress. 2008-10B. LRV 61. RGB 218, 205, 189. HEX #dacdbd. Available at Lowe's. Order Free Chip Buy Paint Sample. ORDER ONLINE. Free store pickup available for popular colors 1. Bring a colour sample to your nearest B&Q. Our colour matching team will scan the sample and create your custom colour recipe. So we can accurately scan and match the colour, your sample should be: At least 0.5cm in size. Not too glossy. Not full of holes. 2. Mixing your bespoke paint colour

Are you considering the Rocky Shelter V114-1 paint color for your next project? View Rocky Shelter and our wide array of colors at Valspar.com today Valspar B & Q cat urine paint smell/odour fiasco! I'm looking for others who have experienced the now widely reported issue with Valspar paint (purchased in B & Q) due to the removal of a preservative that has caused bacteria growth and a bad cat pee type smell in the rooms painted. In July 2015 we purchased our first house, a full renovation.

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  1. When you come to Valspar at B&Q, teams are trained to offer all the advice you need for your project. This includes colour selection. Advisors will show you the Valspar chip rack, which is unique to B&Q and contains a large selection of Valspar colours to choose from. Each colour chip has been painted and shows the exact colour of your paint.
  2. The internet is gushing with complaints about the smell of their emulsion after drying. Just type in Valspar paint smell and see the reviews. Cats pee is the way most customers are describing the awful scent that fluctuates depending on the temperature. Worst of all, it appears B and Q and Valspar are both denying liability
  3. This was a known issue with valspar. Get back down to b&q with the tin and tell them the issue. They have been paying out for this to be rectified as it is quite costly and involves repainting first with two coats of a shellac based primer/sealer such as zinsser bin and then however many coats of your desired colour
  4. B&Q and Valspar were unhelpful. Add message | Report | See all. megletthesecond Sun 25-Jul-21 12:34:12. Not really. My DD has still managed to ruin it. I'm sure it's easy to clean if something is accidentally wiped or lightly drawn on it by a toddler. But deliberate damage does not come off

Valspar paint. Those who've had the misfortune of decorating with Valspar paint purchased from B&Q earlier this year didn't find their home smelling clinical, fresh or even clean. No, their homes started to ooze a lovely waft of what some have described as a cat urine-like smell or even rotting animals - one person even described the. user64332 Fri 02-Apr-21 00:21:45. Is there a clear winner which is better paint quality for colour matching? I tend to see Johnstone's reccomended more often than Valspar, but if there isn't much in it I have gift vouchers for B&Q... I'm wanting F&B and Little Greene colour matches. OP's posts: | Valspar's palette of color of the year picks proves that the definition of neutral is changing. For a paint company, selecting a color of the year involves both concrete trend forecasting and a. Perhaps refer back to Valspar or B&Q as suggested in post No4. May even get a refund. Astramax, Apr 15, 2018 #7. Andrew Innes New Member. Hi all! I have decided to create a quick survey to help everyone affected, including myself, by Valspar's terrible paint odour

Valspar Premium emulsion in the living and dining rooms, kitchen and bathroom paint as appropriate, spare bedroom in Valspar emulsion and front and back doors in Valspar exterior gloss. In my opinion Valspar is an excellent paint, easy to apply and gives decent coverage. This especially applies to emulsions Valspar » Resources » RAL Colors . RAL Colors. RAL Colors. Select from a special mix of RAL Aerosol paints available in a variety of colors. Contact us to order your RAL colors today. Standard RAL guidelines: Minimum order 12 units; All RAL Colors are a HIGH GLOSS LEVEL (not matte, satin or dull Valspar are the exclusive paint-mixing partners of B&Q, so one of the objectives of the campaign was to drive consumers in store and also to position B&Q as having the best paint department. There were two significant challenges that needed to be overcome if the launch was going to be a success

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Went to B&Q to collect some Dulux samples but they now seem to be selling Valspar in its place. I've found various negative reviews about it so looking for some more balanced reviews here. I understand there is a normal and a premium range too but not sure of the difference as there seems to be no literature about it. TI I was really impressed with the application and felt it was easier to apply and better quality than the Dulux I had used form B&Q in my last house, before they moved to Valspar. Edit - no kids but. Try our Valspar paint glitter. Just add to your paint to create a sparkle in your home.Visit the official B&Q YouTube channel. Here you'll find the ideas and.. Ive bought 3 tins of Valspar simplicity paint from two different B&Q's all of them have been awful to paint with. The paint has been powdery in consistency and left my walls looking a mess . I've had to lightly sand all the walls down and start again with Dulux. AVOID Valspar its not worth the hassel B&Q is to redecorate customer's homes after mistakenly selling them paint that smelt like cat urine. The smells linked to the Valspar paint gets worse in hot weather and if the windows are ope

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8 January 2016 at 7:56AM edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. My local B and Q has stopped stocking Crown paint and now has a huge aisle of Valspar paint with a mixer service. I've only ever used Dulux or Crown in the past, does anyone have any experience with Valspar paint Inside our bathroom: Valspar. We used Valspar paint colour matched to Farrow & Ball's Pavilion Blue. The match itself was near identical to the F&B tester pot we originally bought, and we are glad we opted for Valspar's Kitchens & Bathrooms paint mix which has fared well with condensation in the room

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  1. You can shop selected Valspar paints exclusively at B&Q online and a full range in selected B&Q stores. Related Story How to decorate with Pantone's Primrose Yellow
  2. Bought Valspar paint for the first time as the colour wanted from the B&Q range (Summer) was not available. Very dissapointed as we paid a third more for an inferior product. Once we had applied the paint and it had been on the walls for 3 days I rested some step ladders very gently against the wall only to discover the paint to be scuffed
  3. I was more than happy to purchase 2.5 litres of valspar paint especially when the guy at B&Q mislead me by saying it was even better than dulux paint. However I did prepare myself for 2 coats even though the guy at B&Q said he got away with 1 coat. But i soon become aware that after the 2nd coat I would certainly need to apply a 3rd coat
  4. Both B&Q plus Valspar are the winners in this money for absolute rubbish and the need to buy a replacement! Useful. Share. Reply. Read 1 more review about Valspar Paint UK Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Hyacinth44 2 reviews. Awful!! I have used Valspar a few times and initially thought it was great when used a few.
  5. A B&Q shopper has discovered an amazing hack that allowed her to get £77 worth of paint for just £8. Ashleigh Kisby-Duffy, a 20 year old who lives in the North West of the UK, was looking for
  6. Valspar Paint Glitter. B&Q. January 15, 2016 ·. Adding a bit of sparkle to your walls is as easy as this. Perfect for your little one's bedroom (or even yours really)
  7. B&Q is to compensate hundreds of customers who have complained that its paint smells like cat's urine or rotting animals. The smell, emitting from walls and cupboards painted with Valspar paint.
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Oct 15, 2015 - Explore HRG UK's board DIY Store POS on Pinterest. See more ideas about diy store, b&q, diy Valspar Paint Colour Chart B Q. Written by Kupis on December 23, 2020 in Chart. Valspar paint sweet genius x7r34c the best grey paint for walls as valspar brands diy at b q my bedroom inspiration moodboard the farrow ball or valspar. Introducing Valspar Paint The Design Sheppard In one of the rooms we only painted one wall with Valspar, the other with cheap B&Q trade magnolia - the only wall that smells is the Valspar wall. It's worse in hot weather and sunlight. Shame, it's nice paint to use but we're never buying it again!!! Murray Callander, Jun 12, 2017 #11 B&Q and Valspar gloss. Dil Owen, 8 Aug 2016, in forum: Decorating and Painting. Replies: 3 Views: 1,083. flameport 13 Aug 2016. Valspar paint really that bad? Screech20, 22 Dec 2015, in forum: Decorating and Painting. Replies: 6 Views: 5,201. misterhelpful 22 Dec 2015. Share This Page. Tweet. Log in with Facebook. Valspar. SeasonFlex Exterior Tintable Paint (5-Gallon) Multiple Sizes. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 869. Valspar. Duramax Flat Masonry and Stucco Elastomeric Tintable White Exterior Tintable Paint (5-Gallon) Multiple Options

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Valspar, which partnered exclusively with B&Q in the UK in 2012, says the problem experienced by customers is due to an additive being removed from some of its paint. It says that it has now re-added that additive. Following the revelations, Valspar and B&Q have said that they will cover the cost of redecoration Valspar. It was named by Pantone as the colour of 2018, and now interior design lovers can get their hands on the exact shade, as Valspar has launched Pantone's Ultra Violet in B&Q stores. Pantone. B&Q Limited is a British multinational DIY and home improvement retailing company, headquartered in Eastleigh, United Kingdom, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kingfisher plc.Founded by Richard Block and David Quayle in 1969 originally as Block & Quayle, the retail chain offers over 40,000 products across 300 physical stores and online shops.. Since 2015, B&Q has been closing a number of. Valspar UK & Ireland. 22,081 likes · 84 talking about this. Welcome to Valspar UK & Ireland; helping you to stop blending in & Colour Outside the Lines. Customer service are here to help, Monday -..

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Valspar. sales assistant/ store man (Former Employee) - Townsville, QLD - 26 September 2015. Was a great place to work, however a dramatic change in management caused some changed that altered that dynamic. Had a good incentives program and a very strong safety culture Browse Our Variety Of Valspar Paint—All The Supplies Needed For Any Paint Job. Lowe's® Has Everything You Need To Find The Paint Colors and Finishes For Your Project The Valspar colour matching technology available at B&Q is incredible. You can take anything into the store and they can scan the colour on to a computer and.. I noticed Valspar/ B&Q is claiming 15 years gurantee New VALSPAR Paint from B&Q, New retail version Dulux satin wood quick paint dring via YouTube Captur

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Valspar Trade has announced it is launching a range of new trade products aimed at professional decorators with the two major retailers nationwide. The Sherwin-Williams-owned brand has a long-standing exclusive relationship with B&Q, since it was positioned as one of the retailer's flagship paint brands back in 2012 and it will now roll-out its. Valspar B&Q paint. RustyNissanPrairie. Subscriber. Just had a fun night of smearing 2.5 lt of just about pigmented slop on a wall. Absolute shite. Dulux won't be worried. Posted 2 years ago

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  1. Va va voom into B&Q go Valspar Paints. Whilst dashing in and out of one of the Manchester B&Q's before Christmas on a bonkers renovate-a-house-in-21-days mission, I stopped in my tracks when I saw a large new Valspar display where the Dulux colour cards and mixing desk had previously stood
  2. Valspar will be positioned as one of B&Q's flagship paint brands and the two companies are collaborating to create an entirely new consumer experience not seen before in the U.K. decorative paints.
  3. I almost spent nearly £40 on a tub of emulsion today... but faffed about with another job instead. Then had a brew and thought I'd look at some reviews for Valspar paint. There's non at all on the B&Q website and it's getting absolutely slated on Trustpilot. Thing is, I'm struggling to find..
  4. My statement wall workshop with B&Q and Valspar. This weekend had been full of activity, as I ran a 3 session painting workshop for B&Q, one of Britain's largest DIY and home decorating supplies stores. The workshop was about creating statement walls at home, inspired by the colours and patterns of walls and murals we see out and about. This colourful painted gate is by Aka Corleone, it's.
  5. B&Q said: All the products we sell at B&Q are rigorously tested before we put them on sale. In the past year more than three million cans of Valspar store-mixed paint have been bought in our stores, with fewer than one in 100,000 tins leading to a paint spillage complaint

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Painted a bedroom with Valspar Matt from B&Q. Not cheap,but went on no problem with no drips/runs. Would only use it again to get an exact colour as it is more expensive than a pre-mix The first job to finish in here is to give the plastered wall a much-needed coat of paint. It was the perfect opportunity to try and test out Valspar's colour-matching service. (exclusively sold in B&Q) which I had been intrigued about for quite some time.. If you don't know what this is - in a nutshell, the Valspar paint range is so infinite that they can literally create any colour. This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience, analyze site traffic, and improve our marketing efforts Valspar 500 paint - anyone bought recently? We've just had 15l of valspar v500 blend mixed atnlocal b&q after being convinced it's better than dulux easycare. Came home and looked it up and am horrified by really bad reviews and even watchdog getting involved about the bad smell. B&q won't take it back unless there's a problem with the paint

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I am so thrilled I found this site! However, I wish I did my research and found it prior to finishing my project. I just finished painting our master bathroom cabinets with Valspar Furniture Paint, satin, base 4. The color added was a Valspar 6011-1 Fired Earth color (darkest brownish to black we could find) B&Q won't refund Valspar paint. Hi there, I've had a look at some information online but I'm still not sure of my rights. I bought Valspar bathroom paint from B&Q a few months ago and prepared the walls as they told me to (plain white emulsion). The second coat of Valspar started to come up in bubbles and blisters that has totally ruined the. The Valspar Tartan Roller and paint collection concepts are being trialled, and if successful will be launched at B&Q stores nationwide, with the roller set to retail at £37.99. Just incase anyone was fooled by this, check the date of the story. April Fools We decided to let the big'un pick the colour himself seen as this was going to be his room and headed off to B & Q to looked at all the colours available. With Valspar it's a little different when shopping for paint as they don't have shelves full of tins to choose from, instead they have coloured cards that you select your colour from. Valspar testers @ £1 instead of £2.58 (235ml.) Limlted to 3 per customer. (or 3 per transaction!) Large tester pots available in matt or silk finish and in every colour as they are mixed by machine while you wait. Offer available until- April 19th

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All Valspar tester pots are available for the heavenly price of just £1 at B&Q this bank holiday weekend. http://bit.ly/1MIkBT If you're looking to revamp your living space on a budget, then you might want to check out the clearance section of your nearest B&Q ASAP. Posting on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one savvy DIY fan revealed how they bagged £336 worth of grey Valspar paint for just £35 - and we'll race you to the checkouts New Valspar Furniture Paint is £21 for 750ml, available in B&Q stores nationwide. Image credit: Valspar 'With the nation continuing to spend more time at home, it's no surprise households are taking on exciting and previously overlooked DIY projects' says Jane Ryder, European Marketing Director at Valspar

We went to our local Valspar Supplier B&Q who advertised on their site that their outdoor wood paint was any colour, we looked through the wide range on colour charts on the wall with a few hundred colours and they have the option of scanning colours to our requirements, however the Valspar paint expert at the paint desk said we could not have. From home improvers and DIYers to interior experts and gardeners, B&Q is the household name that delivers. The B&Q Warehouse at TRAFFORDCITY has a full size TradePoint counter, paint mixing, timber cutting, kitchen and bathroom design service, bedroom showroom as well as all the usual gadgets and DIY essentials B&Q wanted MEC to promote their 'Paint Pro' service, where customers can match any colour through their Valspar paint product. Utilising GumGums computer vision technology to recognise colours within digital images, the campaign dynamically colour matched the creative execution with key objects from targeted images

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How b q s simple promotion bee problems with valspar v700 emulsion colour confident this summer s must 7 kitchen colour ideas best b q paint real homes Valspar Wood Paint Colour Chart The FutureIntroducing Valspar Paint The Design SheppardColour Confident This Summer S Must Have Paint ShadesValspar Paint Sweet Genius X7r34c D0a9a9 Hex Colo As long as the surface area is 0.5cm in diameter, we can match it. 3) Bring your sample into store. When you've found your colour and selected a sample, bring it into any B&Q store which offers Valspar colour mixing. Once you've chosen your colour, all you need to do is choose the right paint product for your project B&Q offers refunds after paint found to 'smell of cat wee'. Homeowners who bought paint from B&Q earlier this year may be able to claim a refund after a flood of complaints that it made their homes smell of cat urine. The problem relates to paint made by Valspar, which supplies an exclusive range of paints to the DIY chain

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  1. Valspar Premium Quiet Interlude - great for study skirting boards. Saved by Suhan Srinivasan. 4. Living Room Windows Living Room Paint Living Room Grey Yellow Accent Walls Valspar Paint Colors Wall Colors Paint Colours Room Colors Living Room Arrangements
  2. This is the last weekend you can make the most of our offer at B&Q, where all Valspar Paint mixed in-store is 20% until 31st August! Valspar UK & Ireland. August 29 at 4:00 AM · Imagine the Bank Holiday spent in this little corner of heaven. Now is a great time to update your garden and make the most of your outdoor space
  3. POS, B&Q, 1000 x 1690 mm. POS, B&Q, 1000 x 1690 mm. Valspar/B&Q promotion. Valspar/B&Q promotion. Valspar introduction leaflet, Welsh translated, p.
  4. ATH Property Services Ltd. Dulux Trade and Crown Trade products are the main paints that deliver great results for the money you pay for them. Also colour choices are pretty much to what your heart desires with 000's of choices. It all comes down to you get what you pay for and they are the best you can get
  5. First Time painting with Valspar, I will be using this brand again! After deciding on a colour scheme and theme for my 2 yr olds room, I popped to B&Q, realising the paint brand I wanted was way to much money I got a colour match and tester pot from the Valspar section. It looked identical so went back and bought the paint

B&Q Store List. Last updated 30.04.20 . Which stores are open and at what times? All B&Q stores are now open with the exception of our stores in the ROI and Guernsey. All stores are open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. Opening times on Sundays vary, and so please check the store locator page for details of your local store B&Q operates a 45-day returns and exchange policy on items in their original condition and returned with a receipt/order confirmation/invoice. Contact B&Q. For general enquiries call: 0333 014 3098. Open: Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm Saturday, 8am-5pm Sunday, 10am-4pm. Write to: B&Q Customer Services, North Avenue, Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, G81.

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  1. Products. Nexus Low Profile Brushed Steel Single Coaxial Socket £ 8.00; B&Q Mpp Polished Straight Bathroom Door Handle Set of 1 £ 18.00; GoodHome Durable Valencia Matt Emulsion paint 2.5L £ 16.00; Colours Ash Curtain Ring (Dia)35mm £ 3.84; Mira Single Spray Mode White Shower Head £ 10.00; Eris Black & Pale Grey 1 Drawer Bedside Chest with Sensory Light (H)517mm (W)404mm £ 140.0
  2. d and have put it through rigorous testing to make sure it meets the standards you need. Choose your colour and the finish you want and we'll mix the paint up for you while you wait. If you want paint mixed, visit your nearest TradePoint store today
  3. If you go online to B&Q* or into a store (find your nearest*), you can get 20% off selected bathroom products including basins, toilets, mirrors, baths and more.Delivery's £5 or free if you're spending £50 or more. You can also click & collect for free. If you're planning on refurbishing your kitchen, you can get 20% off worktops, sinks and taps when you spend £2,500 or more on a kitchen in.
  4. Wagner Decorating, York, Nebraska. 410 likes · 22 talking about this. At Wagner's we provide Custom Hunter Douglas Blinds, California and Valspar Paints, and various home decor items
  5. The affordable paint promises a 'durable and long-lasting glitter effect finish' Credit: B&Q Rust-Oleum Silver Glitter Effect Gloss Paint, £5 from B&Q - buy now According to the product.
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Valspar Trade Pure brilliant white Silk Emulsion paint 10L. £ 43.00. Click to see sale price. SKU: 971970_BQ Categories: Interior emulsion paint, Paint & Wood Treatments, Painting & decorating, Products, Wall & ceiling paint Tags: B & Q, Valspar Trade Valspar paint has the reputation of being high quality and is sold in a variety of locations across the country. These locations may have the Valspar paint in different locations in the store. Many stores that have this type of paint available for purchase are generally affiliated with the hardware industry Online gambling, Valspar paint, Music tuition. How Valspar paint from B&Q is making newly decorated homes smell like cat urine and dead animals; plus how glitter has become the big summer beauty. Available at B&Q, Valspar's state-of-the-art colour matching technology can scan, match, and mix any paint colour the eye can see; meaning NFL fans can take their fandom to new heights. Whether it's their favourite team jersey, hat or even gameday ball, Valspar can match it - NFL fan caves will never look the same again Welcome to our official YouTube channel. Packed full of inspiration, how to guides and creative ideas, we're here to help you get more from your home. From how to build a deck and tile your.