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Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee Free Shipping on $100+ Orders. Over 60 Years of Racing Experience What is Wheel Offset and Backspace? plate further away from the backside of the rim. A negative measurement moves it closer to the backside. Since offset is based on the center line, the width does factor in. That is to say an 8-inch wide +45mm offset and 7-inch wide +45mm offset results in a 1/2 difference in wheel positioning. 15 Agricultural Wheel - 3800 lb. capacity - 1 1/8 positive offset - Fits sll 6 bolt hubs - Replaces F&H 106809. $73.85. In stock, 14 units. Quantity: Add to cart. Quick view. 15X5 4 BOLT WHEEL 1800 LB. CAP SKU: 982-0413844. 15 Agricultural Wheel - 1800 lb. capacity - .38 negative offset - For Hub No. 281011, 281101 - Replaces F&H 105831 Radial tire has an offset of -8 mm, a ply rating of 10 and a 3,500-lb maximum load at 90 psi. The 16 diameter x 7 wide aluminum trailer wheel features an 8 on 6-1/2 bolt patternSuperior traction in wet or dry conditions Aluminum wheel is durable and rustproof Attractive star spoke pattern Front and back of wheel are clear coated Negative offset ensures that the wheel..

15 Inch Wheel Diameter, Steel, 8 Width, Chrome, Chrome Ships Free Video Available Wheel Diameter Wheel Offset. 0 mm (880) 0.00 (1)-10 mm (3)-102 mm (16)-11 mm (17) -114 mm (68)-12 mm (623)-127. A positive offset creates more backspace, while a negative offset reduces the backspace. The backspacing is determined by measuring the distance between the wheel's mounting surface on the back of the wheel and the outer lip of the wheel. Like offset, each wheel's backspacing depends on the vehicle's size and design

On a negative offset rim, you'll notice that the line moves inside towards the suspension components. deep dish rims will ring a few bells here. Here's an example to make things easier. +40 offset means that the mounting point of your wheel is 40 mm away from the centerline, towards the street side A wheel's width is from the mounting points of the tire beads, therefore the measured width of a wheel from outside edge to outside edge is about an inch wider than spec. An 8 wheel will measure 9 from side to side, this makes converting offset to backspacing not so straight forward DEX-017-121-43Dexter - Vintage 494 Wheel - 15 x 6 JJ - 4 Lug. Vintage 494 wheel Size: 15 x 6 JJ Bolt pattern: 4 x 9.44 Offset: 0.50 Capacity: 2330 lbs Color: Silver Sparkle. Add to cart. Quick view. Quick view. Price. $38.14

Depending on the wheel size and fitment, you can get the 546 in offsets that range from 15 to 45 millimeters. Negative Offset Wheels. Negative offset wheels show up frequently on lifted and off-road vehicles. The more aggressive the negative offset the more aggressive the stance A negative offset wheel usually has a deep lip which is seen on older manufactured vehicles. Zero offset is when the hub mounting surface is even with the centerline of the wheel. Offset is expressed as an ET number and is stamped on the back of the wheel, (ie is ET38) and the 'ET' is a shortened version of the German word. From simplistic to show stopping and everything in between, we have the wheels for you. If you are building a full-on show truck or you just want to look good in your daily driver you can find what you need at Custom Offsets. Shop by Diameter. 16. 17 Wheel, Series 413, Super Trucker, Black, Steel, 15 in. x 14 in., 6 x 5.50 in. Bolt Circle, 4.00 in. Backspace, Each. Part Number: CLM-413-540 negative offset 4x4 wheels PCD 5x150 15/16 inch suv rims for sale DH-M N4007, find complete details about negative offset 4x4 wheels PCD 5x150 15/16 inch suv rims for sale DH-M N4007, Alloy wheels, Aftermarket Wheels, car wheels - Nanjing Diamond Hope Machinery Trading Co.,Ltd

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In addition to the many standard wheel sizes and backspacing available off the shelf from Wheel Vintiques, it is possible to order a number of different style wheels custom made to your satisfaction. The accompanying charts show what are the minimum and maximum backspacing dimensions available in both standard and reverse style wheels If you're in the market for deep dish rims for sale with negative offset we have several for you to choose from. Deep Dish Rims Stock We currently stock 15 Deep Dish Rims, 16 Deep Dish Rims 17 Deep Dish Rims 18 Deep Dish Rims 20 22 and 24 Deep Dish Rims

Registered. Joined Dec 29, 2010. ·. 64 Posts. #3 · Aug 5, 2011. If your have the 20x9 stock wheel I believe its around 30mm offset which is 5.90. If your sticking with a 20x9 and go to 18 mm that would be 5.6 ish backspace. 12mm = 5.25. 20mm = 5.75 TACTIK D Window Classic 15 Inch Wheel for Jeep Wrangler 1987-2006, 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern, 15x10 (-38.1mm Offset), 4 Inch Backspace, Satin Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 22 $69.99 $ 69 . 9 E46 M3 Track Tires and Wheels. tires of the same size in the front and back in a square set-up will remove some of the car's inherent understeer. We offer a few 18x9.5 35mm offset wheels designed to work with 265/35R18 and 275/35R18 tires. 18x9.5 ET 35mm on either size will require a combination of fender and wheelwell

If you have a zero offset wheel, backspace will slightly larger than you expect due to the tire mounting lip (1/2 inch). For example, a 15x7 wheel with zero offset has a backspace of 4 inches. 7/2 = 3.5 inches 3.5 + 0.5 (tire mounting lip) = 4 inches backspacing If the factory backspace is 4.25 inches on a 15x7 wheel, it has an offset of 0.25. Two, wheel offset. The wider the wheel is the more scrub radius you can get. More importantly, the more wheel offset you get (less to the inside and more to the outside) the more scrub radius you get. Stock RZR 1000 front wheels are 5 inside and 1 outside. This is measured from the hub mounting flange or where the wheel bolts to the car Road Ready Car Wheel For 2012-2018 Fiat 500 15 Inch 4 Lug Black Steel Rim Fits R15 Tire - Exact OEM Replacement - Full-Size Spare. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 47. $88.25 The American Racing Outlaw I model wheel is a good example of a wheel with negative offset. In a 15x8 size this wheel is listed as having -19mm offset resulting in 3.75-inches of backspacing. Let's see how this is arrived at. * 8-inch wheel is 9-inches from lip to lip. * One-half of 9-inches is 4.5-inches. * -19mm offset is roughly -.75-inches

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As explained earlier, the offset is the distance (positive or negative) the mounting face is from the center of the wheel. This will tell us how far in/out the wheel will sit under the fenders. The backspacing is the space from the mounting face and inner lip, and this will let us know if the back of the wheel will come into contact with any of. Wheel Diameter. This is the diameter of the wheel. Stock wheels are commonly 15 or 16 inch diameter. This dimension is usually in 1 increments (i.e. 15, 16, 17) but some manufacturers offer 16.5, which is rare. 2. Wheel Width. This is the width of the wheel, measured inside the outer lip of the wheel 12 x 4 White Steel Spoke 5 Lug Trailer Wheel and Carlisle ST145R12 LR D Radial Tire Assembly. (0) Part Number: TW-AW2024012-92171RBPS_C5151311. Only. $133.99. Out of Stock. Quick View. 12x4 Chrome Modular Steel Trailer Rim 5 on 4.5 Lug 2824012-92191 Offset is the distance from the hub-mounting surface to the wheel's true centerline. It is quantified by an ET value and measured in mm. A positive offset means the hub-mounting surface is closer to the outside edge of the wheel, while a negative offset means the hub-mounting surface is closer to the inside edge of the wheel

Yes, negative offset moves the mounting plate to the inside which makes the wheel stick out more. 25mm is pretty close to an inch, so a -25mm would stick out 1/2 more than a -12mm. Mark 2011 F-350 4X4 Dually Lariat Full Delete, 5 exhaust, EZ LYNK w/Tyrant Tune I believe the OEM rim for this truck was a 15 x 7 with 13mm negative offset. My current rims have about a 20mm negative offset, so may not be the originals (although I thought they were). Anyway, I've been considering switching to 16 x 8 inch rims to give me a greater selection of tyres for my overland trip (most likely to be 285/75 16s) offset = 25.4 x (backspacing -.5 x full rim width) So for instance, if you have a wheel that has a size of 20x9, then the actual width is most likely 10 inches wide. If the backspacing is 7 inches, then the calculation is as follows. offset = 25.4 x (7 - .5 x 10) offset = 50.8mm. Its important to note that backspacing is normally measured in. Fast shipping when you buy cheap rims! We sell cheap rims! We provide fast shipping on all Cheap Rims, right to your door! Our highly trained staff has over 20 years combined experience to aid you in your selection of Cheap Rims. Email or Call at 1-800-901-6003 Fast shipping when you buy cheap rims! We sell cheap rims Fuel Off-Road has been capturing the attention of off-road enthusiasts with our cutting edge designs, fitments, and technological advancements. Fuel Off-Road manufactures the most advanced off-road wheels, offering the latest in design and engineering innovations on the market

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  1. um, Polished, 15 in. x 7 in., 5 x 4.50 in. Bolt Circle, 3.750 in. Backspace, Each. Part Number: ARE-VN5155765. ( 22
  2. HiSpec Wheel offers the most expansive array of Safety Wheel styles for RV and specialty trailer industries including positive and negative offset mounting as well as heavy duty versions. Sizes range from 10 to 17.5 inch diameters and 4 to 7 inch widths in 4, 5, 6 and 8 lug versions. Maximum loads range from 1,220 pounds to 6,050 pounds
  3. 15X8 6 BOLT WHEEL 3800 LB. CAP SKU: 982-0416508 15 Agricultural Wheel - 3800 lb. capacity - 1 1/8 positive offset - Fits all 6 bolt hubs - Replaces F&H 106589, IHC 486101R
  4. (1) 1 product ratings - XXR 527 17x7.5 4x98/4x108 40 Chromium Black Wheels(4) 73.1 17 inch Rims $669.00 American Racing AR624734 Outlaw II Series Wheel, 14 x
  5. Joined Mar 11, 2016. ·. 175 Posts. #4 · May 28, 2016. Backspacing is the amount from the mating surface of the wheel to the inside edge of the wheel. Offset is how much the the mating surface of the wheel is offset from the centerline of the wheel. Negative offset means you have a deeper dished wheel positive means less of a dish
  6. 15x6.5. VISION WHEEL STREET DESIGNS 469 Boost Gloss Black Machined Bolt Pattern: 4x114.3 Offset: 38 (HPO) $717.56 Wheel & Tire Package Tire: FALKEN TIRES F-ICE 195/65/15. View details. VISION WHEEL STREET DESIGNS. 469 Boost. Satin Black. $717.56 (4 Wheels + 4 Tires) WHEEL AND TIRE PACKAGE

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  1. Most OEM wheels, and most wheels in general, will have a positive offset. Negative offset means the mounting plate is on the other side of the wheel's centerline, farther toward the suspension. Negative offset is generally seen in very deep-dish or deep convex aftermarket wheels
  2. Negative offset means the hub mounting surface is closer to the back side of the wheel, so more of the wheel extends outward from the hub. So called deep dish wheels tend to have a negative offset. This diagram shows how different offsets would affect the actual positioning of a wheel on a vehicle that is set up for zero offset
  3. um into the mold quicker and achieve a finished product that has improved mechanical properties (more dense) over a gravity cast wheel. Low-pressure casting has a slightly higher production cost.
  4. In short, offset is the distance from the center line of your wheel to the mounting pad. If the mounting pad is closer to the face of the wheel from the center line the wheel is a positive offset, if the mounting pad of the wheel is at the dead center of the center line the wheel is a zero offset and if the mounting pad of the wheel is closer to the backside of the wheel from the center line.
  5. The wheel offset can be positive, negative or zero depending on how the tyre sits in the wheel. Renault recommends standard wheels with a 15-inch diameter, 6-inch width and ET45. Here the question is whether wheels with a 16-inch diameter, 7.5-inch width and ET35 can be used instead
  6. An offset of a wheel refers to where the center of the wheel sits in relation to the hub mounting surface. The wheel offset is measured in millimeters and can be either positive or negative. The Higher a wheel offset is, the more that wheel will stick out from under the vehicle. The lower the offset is, the closer the wheel sits towards the hub.
  7. What Is Wheel Offset? Wheel offset is the distance, measured in millimeters, from the hub to the wheel's centerline. Offset can be positive, negative, or zero. Positive offset wheels have their hub mounting surface towards the outer rim of the wheel. This is the setup found on most OEM rides

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  1. um Wheel manufacturer for Hot Rod, Muscle Car, Light Truck, Off-Road, VW, Trailer, OEM Replacement, and Import Performance
  2. For example, if your stock rim is 15×7, you can generally install a 31×10.50 - 15 tire size. However, you might want to consider getting 15×8 wheels to increase the backspacing and negative offset. Anything bigger than that tire size will likely require larger wheels. Applicatio
  3. The selection is very limited. I am choosing the wheels first then finding the tires that fit the wheels. I wanted to know if these wheels FUEL Boost will fit. I saw them at 4hweelsparts.com. They are 17 x 9. They have a bolt patter of 6-4.5 backspacing of 5 and offset of 1mm. They assured me they will fit
  4. Save money without sacrificing quality with these steel circle-track 15 inch wheels from Speedway Motors. The 15 x 10 wheels have a 5 on 4.75 bolt pattern and are available with 2, 3, or 4 backspacing.15 Inch Wheel10 Inch Width5 on 4-3/4 Inch Bolt PatternFor circle track racing applications Great valueQuality constructionDurable black powder coat finishNot IMCA certifiedLearn more about.

Offset defines the distance from the exact center of the rim to the outer edges of the rim. Positive offset means that the center of the wheel is moved towards the vehicle. Negative offset, on the other hand, means that the center of the wheel is moved away from the vehicle. Most stock wheels have a positive offset On 1999-2005 the 205/50/15 will clear with this 35mm offset even for those not running better than 1.5 camber, and owners of MazdaSpeed 2004-2005 can usually clear 225/45/15 tires as shown in this picture if they have even 1.2 negative camber or better Enter the Rim Tire Width on your wheel. Then the Offset in Millimeters (mm).Offset can be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. Press CALCULATE to find other values.Hit RESET to clear the form and SAMPLE if you want to see a sample calculation. NEGATIVE offset number means the mounting flange is past the centerline of the rim towards the inside of the car. POSITIVE offset number means the centerline of the.

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Many front wheel drive cars use positive offset wheels. A negative offset wheel will allow the assembly to extend beyond the fender lip by moving the mounting point behind the center of the barrel. Like positive offset, negative offset is measured in millimeters. A zero offset wheel places the mounting pad at the center of the barrel The offset balance has an effect on the correct fitment of the rim under the wheel well. This basically determines how deep the rim is. A negative offset pushes the centre of the rim inward making it deeper, while a positive offset makes the rim edge shallower. Get it wrong and the rim might make contact with suspension or body pieces Vision Wheels 85 Soft 8 Gloss Black. Starting at: $105.38. Vision Wheels 84 D Window Gloss Black. Starting at: $105.38. Pacer Wheels 297B Soft 8 Gloss Black. Starting at: $106.30. Pacer Wheels 342B Black Daytona Black with Red and Blue Pin Stripes. $106.30. Pacer Wheels 320C Chrome Mod Chrome Plated A positive offset will have a larger number first and and smaller number second. For example. 4+2, 5+2, 4+3, 5+3. A negative offset wheel has less rim in behind the hub of your ATV and more rim out in front of the hub. A negative offset will have a smaller number first and a larger number second. For example. 2+5, 3+4, 3+5

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Experience the thrill and ease of tailoring your Truck or Jeep with our Guaranteed Lowest Prices on all 4 on 137 UTV Wheels products at 4WP. Providing Expert Advice with over 35 Years of Experience and Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 In this example a +12mm wheel would be a positive offset wheel and a -12mm wheel would be a negative offset wheel. In this case 0 is the centerline of the wheel which means a +12mm offset is a wheel with a hub mounting surface 12mm (roughly just over half and inch) further outwards toward the front of the wheel Without a doubt everyone agrees you can run a square (same-size) 15x8 inch wheel with stock,4.5-, 4.75-inch backspacing, or 5-inch backspacing with 225/60-15. Norrdin says a 225/45-16 on a 16x8. ULTRALITE UL48 15 x 9 - ET0 - 4x100+108 PCD - MATT BLACK BRONZE RIM / UL48-1590-1GBBZ. (15 INCH ULTRALITE WHEELS) Price: £96.00 (Including VAT at 20%

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You need to get the wheel offset and backspacing measurements right in order to keep your car's performance and handling optimal. There are problems that come with too much positive or negative offset, the most common ones being poor handling and additional stress on the wheel bearings and suspension system Both those wheels is the correct backspacing for mustang, 15x7 4.25'' is correct and the best, but you will find 15x7 with 3.75'' or 4'' too. And 4.5'' is the max you can have on a 8 inch wide wheel less than 17'', on the front anyway, because it will hit the upper control arm. I was going to use 15x7 4.25'' bs all around and 225/60/15 bfg T/A. The mounting surface of the wheel is in line with the centerline of the wheel. Negative Offset. Negative offset means that the mounting surface is on the inside half of the wheel. This means it's closer to the car than the street. Negative Vs. Positive Offset Effects. Positive and negative offset comes into play when you fit new tires onto.

This means the wheels have a positive offset of 25 mm. If we mount the 8-inch rim, the out-ward offset will increase by 50 mm compared to the stock value of ET25. For the 9-inch rim, the wheel offset will be 62 mm, and the 10-inch rim will have an offset of 75 mm. See more here. Do Negative Offset Wheels Stick Out? Yes! How do we find the true. What offset means with a stock Ford F-150 wheel having a +44mm offset, the mounting surface is 44 millimeters closer to the front edge of the wheel from the centerline of the wheel. Some wheels have a negative offset, and this style is typically found with wheels that have a deep lip and offer poke. Backspacing is an important term and is a. front offset with 9.5 wheels and 275/40-17 tires. In the picture I was using 1.25 inch spacers on the front. that would make the offset on the front, at the time, +12mm or 1/2. @+12mm the wheels hit the upper control arms on the inside just a tad at full lock on the steering wheel. I never tried it but +6mm or 1/4 offset on front, I think. Conversely, a negative offset means the mounting surface of the wheel is behind the true center line of the rim / tire assembly. This will cause the tire to stick out away from the vehicle. H = High - Positive Offset, typically FWD (Front Wheel Drive) +45, 40, 35 offsets. M = Medium - Neutral Offset, typically RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) +20 offset. 628 Posts. #3 · Aug 3, 2010. Camaro, Nova, Firebird, 80's Monte Carlo, any of these will fit but they will stick out. There's not much out there as far as after market for 4wd S-10. Sure there are endless 17s,18s,20s, and 24s but I like good ol 15 inch rims. Also 2wd S-10 rims will fit but stick out and sling mud like crazy

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ATV Wheel Offset Guide; 12 or 14 inch Wheels? ITP Storm-Series Hurricane Wheels, 15 Inch (with optional mounted tires) (2) Your Price: $119.95 ITP SD Series Dual Beadlock Wheels - 14 Inch Black w/ Polished Ring (0) Your Price: $195.00 ITP SS316 ATV Wheels - 14 inch Black Ops (3 For example, if you have a front-wheel drive car, then you might need to get positive offset wheels with a specific measurement. Or, you might be interested in getting negative offset wheels or deep dish wheels to complement your car's design, but there may be a limit to how deep you can go according to your car's specifications Negative offset is where the wheel mounting face is inboard of the wheel center line and is more common on rear wheel drive, older and classic cars and gives the sucked in deep dish effect. If you are in the early stages of building a replica and desire the deep-dish effect then axle width etc should be considered, if you use a rear axle. Backspacing is usually a positive number, but in certain circumstances, like on a dually pickup truck, it can be negative. The amount of backspacing a wheel has can significantly alter the position of the wheel on a vehicle. For example, on a 2011 Ford F-250, the stock 18x8 inch wheels has a 6.07 inch backspacing You can narrow down your search by choosing specific rims sizes including 16 inch wheels, 17 inch wheels, 18 inch wheels, 19 inch wheels, 20 inch rims, 22 inch rims, 24 inch rims, 26 inch rims, and bigger. Also narrow down your search with custom wheel colors such as black, chrome, or silver. 20x9 6x120 +19 mm offset w/ 265/50/20 tires.

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Structures of 4/5 Holes Multi Spoke Car Alloy Wheels Rims 15/16 Inch Universal Car Rims: PCD: PCD stands for the 'pitch circle diameter' measurement. ET: Offset is the distance from the hub-mounting surface to the rim's centerline I bought 3 piece ROH Venturo wheels in 17 inch. 17x8.5 (-6 offset) for front and 17x9.5 (-19 offset) at the back. 5-6 weeks to be made. I think tyres are 225x45 front & 255x40 rears. Zedhead; 1 Deep dish wheels are typically negative offset. Strange that the rim width is in inches but offset in mm. While wheel offset is the distance from the centre of the wheel to the mounting face, wheel backspacing is the measurement of distance from the back edge of the wheel rim to the mounting face. In other words, the space in the back of the alloy wheel. Simple! Essentially, wheel backspacing is a combination of the wheel offset measurement and width Here´s an example: Let´s say the wheel features a 4-inch backspace, and the rim´s overall width is 10.5 inches. Subtract 5.25 inches (half of the outer rim width) from 4 inches (the backspace), and you achieve -1.25 (a negative 1.25-inch offset), which will locate the tire centerline 1.25 inches outboard of the hub face

16 Inch Black Off Road Wheels Aftermarket 4x4 Aluminum2015 F150 with 2WHAT SIZE LIFT KIT DO I NEED TO FIT MY RIMS AND TIRESRim offset - Ford Truck Enthusiasts ForumsDatsun 240Z wheels Diamond Racing Pro Challenger 15″ 10JHelp with backspacing and offset - Ford F150 Forum

Cragar Chrome Smoothie Wheel Size: 15 x 6 Bolt Pattern: 5 x 5 & 5-1/2 Rear Spacing: 3-3/4 Offset: +6mm. $119.59. (4) Estimated to ship direct from manufacturer on 08/17/21, pending manufacturer availability. Learn More. Lowest Price Guarantee There were other wheels available for other turbo-packaged Regals but these are the two most common styles. Both styles were 15x7. '86/'87 GN wheels had a 3mm negative offset and 4 of rear backspacing. The aluminum wheels had 3 3/4 of rear backspacing. The circle bolt pattern was 5 X 4 3/4 inches. Grand National-----T-Typ 2 product ratings. - 15X7 ROTA RB RIMS 4X100 WHEELS +25MM OFFSET 57.1 HUB SILVER COLOR (SET OF 4) C $706.31. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. List price: Previous Price. C $882.88 20% off. From United States The offset your Polaris RZR wheels have is the length from the mounting surface on the hub to the centerline of the wheel. The hub mounting surface on rims with no offset are flush with the wheel's centerline, whereas wheels with a negative offset are extended further outward, and wheels with a positive offset are positioned further inward.