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A commercial invoice form is used for all shipments containing non-documents. The commercial invoice is the primary document used for importation control, valuation, and duty determination. This document identifies the products being shipped. The form should include: Complete name and address information for both shipper and consigne If you choose not to use UPS Paperless® Invoice, three signed copies — one original and two copies — are required.Place a copy inside your package, or in one package if shipping several. If you use UPS Paperless Invoice, you may be required to produce the actual commercial invoice (the one between the supplie About the Commercial Invoice Three copies of the commercial invoice or pro forma invoice (if a commercial invoice is not available) are required for all your non-document shipments. Business or personal stationery may be used for these invoices if it contains all the required shipment information that is on your invoice About the Commercial Invoice. Three copies of the commercial invoice are required for all your non-document shipments. Business or personal stationery may be used for these invoices if it contains all the required shipment information that is on your invoice. Note: WorldShip ® can generate export documentation automatically

UPS explains how to correctly fill out a commercial invoice for your shipment. Avoid common mistakes and delays at customs with advice from the experts. Visi.. Handy tips for filling out Ups Commercial Invoice Pdf online. Printing and scanning is no longer the best way to manage documents. Go digital and save time with signNow, the best solution for electronic signatures.Use its powerful functionality with a simple-to-use intuitive interface to fill out Ups Commercial Invoice Pdf online, e-sign them, and quickly share them without jumping tabs Double-check the details of the invoice with the contents of your shipment, correcting any errors found. Print out two copies of the commercial invoice, and pack one copy inside the shipment. Place the other copy in a clear pouch or envelope attached to the outside of the package

The best thing to do is use a 'documents enclosed' pouch which is designed to be attached to a box for shipping packages. A clear plastic wallet or envelope is also suitable as long as it is taped down so the customs documents don't move in transit On the commercial invoice - and bear in mind inaccurate values are the most common reasons for customs fines, so make sure it's correct. What other details do I need to provide? As well as an accurate value, your commercial invoice should include an HS code and a detailed description of your shipment Where to Attach a Commercial Invoice for International Delivery After you download and print the commercial invoice, it should be attached to the package along with the shipping label. This way, couriers like USPS or UPS can see them clearly. On cardboard boxes, use a clear packing sleeve or packing tape to affix the commercial invoice They need the commercial invoice to quickly decide what taxes, tariffs, or duties apply to the package and prevent any hold-ups. Usually, before issuing a commercial invoice and delivering the goods, businesses may also send out a proforma invoice , as a negotiating medium between the seller and the buyer

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  1. A commercial invoice must be attached to the outside of the package on international shipments of merchandise in order to avoid long customs delays
  2. Put two of them in a packing list envelope on the outside of the package and put the last commercial invoice inside the package for the recipient. Also, make sure that your package meets these other requirements: The box in which you send the package must be sturdy enough to withstand a fall of 1.5 metres
  3. A commercial invoice and description of goods are required for nearly all international shipments. This includes products for sale or resale, as well as items that aren't intended to be sold--like samples, returns, repairs, personal items, or gifts. Typed, written, or printed materials with no commercial value are generally classified as documents
  4. The Commercial Invoice must be completed in English. Three copies must accompany the shipment. Make sure all of the following information is filled out completely and accurately. Enter the GXG Air Waybill number. It is the 10-digit USPS tracking number located on the bottom right corner of the GXG International Air Waybill (Shipping Label)
  5. To ensure Commercial Invoices are completed correctly, we have created a infographic and video to explain the process. The Commercial Invoice is to be completed, printed, signed and handed to the driver with the consignment. The Commercial Invoice should clearly include: Sender's name, address and contact details. Receiver's name and address
  6. UPS One Balance customs forms must be printed out and attached to the package for all international shipments. If you have Paperless Invoicing for your existing UPS account enabled and are shipping to a supported country, your Customs Forms will be automatically sent to UPS electronically after generating your labels
  7. It is a legal requirement to fill out a commercial invoice accurately. Failure to do so may result in lengthy hold-ups and shipping delay costs. Given that a commercial invoice is also used for customs declaration purposes, any misinformation may lead to underpayment of the correct amount of duties and taxes due and their legal ramifications

Indicate on the commercial invoice that the reason for export is temporary. When the manufacturer is ready to return it to you, they need to use the HTS Code appropriate for the product being returned. The Invoice should state the item being returned and state that it is returning for repair (for example: power supply board; returning for repair) Make sure you place two of them in a packing list envelope on the outside of the package. Put the last commercial invoice inside the package for the recipient. Your package also should meet the following requirements: The packaging for your shipment must be strong enough to survive a fall of 1.5 meter For example, UPS requires numerous copies of the commercial invoice to be attached to the first package, and then only one copy on each additional box. However, make sure to ship all the packages simultaneously and under the same order through the carrier A Commercial Invoice is required to declare your items for customs when shipping internationally.. See Customs Declarations in Shippo for specific requirements on filling out the form and applying to the package.. How do I create a Commercial Invoice? 1. Check the box for Use customs declaration in the label creation flow. 2. Click Add Customs Declaration. 3 As you enter your details on ups.com, our shipping tool will create your shipping label, commercial invoice, and other customs documents, making the shipping process as easy as possible. However, locking down the following details about your shipment ahead of time will help you clear customs faster

Shipping internationally means you must have accurate and complete documentation. From ever-changing government regulations and treaty arrangements to customs issues delaying or preventing a shipment reaching its destination, there are a lot of variables in play and good documentation is one of your best defenses A commercial invoice can be used in the following situations related to the process of shipping merchandise internationally: The buyer and seller use commercial invoices to outline all items being bought and sold. The buyer uses the commercial invoice to send funds for payment through its bank and on to the seller A commercial invoice, or bill of sale, is a financial document created for billing purposes.This document must include the name and address of the bill-to party, as well as the product name and quantity. The major difference between a commercial invoice and a shipping invoice is that pricing must be noted on the commercial invoice. The invoice also must note any freight charges, special. As you can see, there are a couple of key differences between commercial invoice documents and tax invoices. Put simply, they're intended to be used for different things. While a commercial invoice is simply the standard type of payment demand issued after the delivery of goods and services, VAT invoices have a much more specific purpose

Print a blank Commercial Invoice. The sample shown is a suggested format, but your commercial invoice should include the following information: 1. Shipper/Exporter: Contact name, company name, full address and VAT number. 2. Country of Manufacture: The country in which each of the commodities in your shipment was originally manufactured or. As a general rule of thumb UPS requires invoice information as a part of your PLD file whenever there is a physical commercial invoice with your shipment and you are shipping outside of your country borders a package that is considered a non-document If your international pkg doesn't contain 3 copies of an invoice (what it is, what it's worth, who bought it, who sold it) it will be delayed or returned. You might be able to remedy it by calling customer service or a UPS store. Whoever accepted the pkg should have checked for an invoice. Good luck Commercial invoices are required on all international shipments, by law. That is how you would let customs know what is in the package and how much it's worth. It is not an issue of residential vs commercial. You can google ups commercial invoice, one of the first links is a blank CI pdf that you can fill out (by hand if you want) and. Aug 14 - 21:36 - A missing commercial invoice is causing a delay. Supposedly my shipper sent the invoice on multiple occasions but never received confirmation. I decided to e-mail support and got instructions to send the invoice on the 19th. Aug 19 - 10:05 - I send the invoice and receive confirmation later that day by support through e-mail

A reference to the relevant commercial invoice number and/or item number; The type of package(s); e.g. box, carton, vials, etc. The net and gross weights of each package, stated in pounds or tons and converted into a metric equivalent (except where buyer or government regulations require otherwise Put two of them in a packing list envelope on the outside of the package and put the last commercial invoice inside the package for the recipient. Where does commercial invoice go on package? After you download and print the commercial invoice, it should be attached to the package along with the shipping label The shipper had put commercial invoices in a pouch. The bottom right corner of the label said INV (not EDI or KEY). Before the package left KOELN, GERMANY, there was a tracking update saying at the clearing agency awaiting final release. A few hours later, the package left KOELN, GERMANY on an MD-11F plane bound for PHILADELPHIA PA Commercial Invoices (6) Proforma Invoice Blank Commercial Invoice FedEx Invoice UPS Invoice DHL Invoice USPS Invoice Proforma Invoice Template - The Pro in Proforma refers to the fact that is an invoice delivered to a client prior to a transaction being finalized. It lists the included items and tota The purpose of the commercial invoice is to show the Commercial Value of the goods you are buying or selling. This is the value that you are selling or buying your product for, not the final sale price of the goods. Ensure the product value is detailed against each line and include the currency of your value. 9. Certification

DHL Commercial Invoice - Use at selected DHL locations when sending a package to another country. UPS Commercial Invoice - Submit to a UPS representative, either at a corporate or franchise location, and use to send a package internationally. USPS Commercial Invoice - To send a package internationally with the United States Postal Service Commercial Invoice Customs authorities require an invoice for all international shipments. This means a Commercial Invoice if the goods are intended for resale, or a pro forma invoice if not. How to fill in a Commercial Invoice (pdf) Our Company. About FedEx Career Again, you will need to provide basic information about your package's contents and value. Of course, Easyship can automatically generate these forms for you; if you go direct, though, you can use DHL's step by step guide to fill out the international shipping forms. Here is an example of a DHL commercial invoice form Failure to produce a commercial invoice for the respective shipments often leads to lengthy hold-ups and shipping delay costs. In a worst-case scenario, failure to produce the document may also lead to rejection and returning of the shipment to the country of origin UPS automatically sets the liability to $100 for every package if you don't declare otherwise. The courier has clarified that UPS declared value is not insurance and you can declare a higher value for your shipment with additional charges. UPS value cost is set at $1.05 for every $100 above the first $100

Along with this, you get to print commercial invoices for each package which are necessary for international deliveries. These commercial invoices include details like exporter, consignee, importer, order dates and time, bill of landing, list of products, HS Tariff, country of origin, package declared value, box dimension & weight and declaration from the sender Which form do I need to fill out? For Global Express Guaranteed ® (GXG ®) packages:. Fill out the GXG International Air Waybill.; Fill out the Commercial Invoice PS Form 6182 if you're mailing to certain destinations. Check Publication 141: Global Express Guaranteed Service Guide for individual country requirements. Insert all documents in PS Form 2976-E (plastic envelope) when complete

The commercial invoice - is a type of export documentation signed between the seller (exporter) and the customer (importer). The commercial invoice contains the information about goods, their amount and value, and serves as a bill of sale between the seller and the buyer. This type of invoice is highly important for B2B and B2C companies Shoot - forgot commercial invoice for customs. Hi! I shipped my SS package yesterday through my work's UPS account. The guy who helped me with the mailing forgot to put in a commercial invoice. Now the package is being held, which is causing an obvious delay The value on a commercial invoice should be the price the buyer in the United States paid for the goods, not the amount the goods will be sold for in the United States. If you do not provide a value, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will assess it for you. The duty will be assessed on the price paid for the goods (not including the. Why an Accurate Commercial Invoice is Required. As previously mentioned, the main commercial invoice requirement is that you complete it accurately, before you get your goods shipped. There are a few reasons for this: It prevents any hold ups with your shipments (as incorrect information could lead to delays) It ensures your goods are correctly.

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A commercial invoice is an important document needed for international shipping. It provides information for the customs authorities, which helps them assess if the goods can move in or out of a country and what, if any, controls are needed. It also helps them determine duties and taxes. Every shipment must have its own commercial invoice A commercial invoice is used as a customs declaration and is provided by the person or corporation that is exporting the item. The key to smooth customs handling is a complete and correct commercial invoice. Customs authorities need it to assess possible taxes and duties. Filling it out correctly helps to avoid delays Commercial Invoices When shipping to Puerto Rico, there are no customs requirements involved because your shipments are considered domestic packages, which simplifies matters. On the other hand, you'll need a commercial invoice, and if the shipment is valued at over $2,500 USD, Electronic Export Information is typically required Learn more about commercial invoices here. Minimising Customs Delays Accelerate clearance and go green with UPS Paperless™ Invoice - an electronic and sustainable solution to commercial invoices and other customs-required documentation, enabling clearance to begin before your goods reach the border Where Do I Put The Commercial Invoice? Fill your commercial invoice manually and attach it with your package together with the shipping label. Where I Can Use Commercial Invoice? A Commercial Invoice is used by buyers and sellers for describing the items bought and sold. Further, it is used by the importer to release funds to the seller via bank

05-23-2018 10:14 PM. Yes, if you are sending the package with an express courier like UPS, FedEx or DHL they will require a commercial invoice. If it is sent with the post office, a CN22 may be required. Each carrier has options for paperless commercial invoices. For example, DHL calls it paperless clearance and UPS calls it a paperless invoice Customs officials likes to know when the package is expected to be returned (or will leave the country) so find a way to include an expected return date on your commercial invoice. Note : Not all courier's can clear shipments as temporary so the preferential tarrif rate or clearance method around temporary imports is not always available When used in foreign trade, a commercial invoice is a customs document. It is used as a customs declaration provided by the person or corporation that is exporting an item across international borders. Although there is no standard format, the document must include a few specific pieces of information such as the parties involved in the shipping transaction, the goods being transported, the.

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UPS Invoice. To locate your UPS invoice (this information is necessary for the Invoice Verification stage of the connection process): Go back to your UPS Billing Center, hover over the Invoice tab, and click on the hyperlink to your most recent invoice To print a copy of the Customs forms / commercial invoice: Go to your SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Select your shipment. Above the orders, click the Print Actions button and select Print Customs Forms. Go to the READY TO PRINT page. Under the Print Queue on the right side, you will see the Customs Form. Once the print button is selected, your. The most common is the Commercial Invoice. This is a detailed list of the sender, receiver, and a list of all the items being shipped including their value and country of origin (where it was made). In most cases, if all you're shipping is documents then you don't need to fill out a commercial invoice Printed Commercial Invoices Required for International Shipments. For international shipments using UPS via ShipStation, you must print a physical commercial invoice and include it with your shipment (ShipStation recommends you include 3 copies of the commercial invoice with the parcel). Electronic submission is not yet available

1. Commercial Invoice (CI) is missing information. Inaccurate paperwork is often the reason Customs have put your import on hold. It's important that the paperwork that ships with the consignment contains everything Customs departments need to know about the goods in order to avoid customs clearance issues A commercial invoice is an important document needed for international shipping. It provides information for the customs authorities, which helps them asses if the goods can move in or out of a country and what, if any, controls are needed Commercial Invoice Definition: The commercial invoice is a legal document between the supplier and the customer that clearly describes' the sold goods, and the amount due on the customer. The commercial invoice is one of the main documents used by customs in determining customs duties. Invoice Information Refers to the information regarding. Drop the package off with the courier listed on the prepaid shipping label within 3 business days (Monday - Saturday for FedEx, UPS and USPS) of the order being placed. GOAT will not be liable for packages that are tendered to the applicable courier via on-site pickup or third-party access points (e.g., Staples, CVS Pharmacy, UPS Access Point. UPS Not Available USPS First-Class Package International Service $21.63 LOWEST COST LOWEST COST LOWEST COST Surcharges add to the total shipping costs On top of the shipping rates, FedEx and UPS charge additional fees like fuel surcharges to deliver packages internationally. The USPS is the only carrier that does not include an

Adding Invoicing, Totals and Declaration Details. Invoice = Optional, if the package/consignment is for commercial purposes, then adding a Commercial Invoice will expedite customs controls. There is an option to electronically create a Commercial Invoice within EdgeDocs and attach it to the CN22, or simply add your own A commercial invoice must contain the following information: Full name and postal address of the seller and the buyer with contact details. Number and date of issue of commercial invoice and the number of the order for the goods. Marks, numbers, number, kind and gross weight of packages. Trade description of goods in plain language and in. A formal entry is usually required for commercial importations valued over $2,500. Because many foreign merchants are aware that CBP requires an identification number for the ultimate importer for formal entries, they will often request the purchaser's social security number to include on export documents that the broker will subsequently rely.

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The commercial invoice is going to need to include the value of the goods and the type of goods; items entering into Puerto Rico are subject to tax. A tax exemption can be claimed with the relevant tax exemption number. Many shipping companies will help you put your documentation together This can be done by attaching either multiple copies of a physical commercial invoice form or digitally via paperless trade with UPS or DHL Express. What is a commercial invoice? The commercial invoice is a mandatory document that allows for customs authorities to determine which taxes and import duties to apply to a shipment Currently preparing my first shipment to Amazon FBA UK. Got the products, the quantity, the box is with me. Do I need to print and put the Commercial Invoice from my Supplier in the actual box when shipping? Some details about my store: Business Entity - Individual Amazon Account - Professional Quantity of products - 100 Box Weight - 7.1kgs FBA Centre - Coventry, UK Shipping - All items in 1. If a package qualifies for the USPS Delivery Instructions™ service, you can tell USPS where to leave a package at your address, send it to a different address, or send it to your Post Office. Click Change Delivery Instructions on the tracking results page to leave your request

UPS ACCESS POINT ® service and CVS ® store hours may be impacted. If your local store is closed, call the UPS ACCESS POINT Support line at 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS®). Pick up and drop off UPS® packages at CVS. * Private carriers, like FedEx, UPS, or DHL Express, include customs declarations on a Commercial Invoice. A commercial invoice is the official transaction record between a shipper and a recipient and is often used by customs offices in the same way as CN22/23 and CP72 forms. Customs forms typically include the following information

in the only put invoice ups flat rate shipping strategy and easyship! Demand from china tariffs on repetitive tasks of the invoice should be given by the listed. Resulted in marketing is where put invoice ups, commercial invoice in the listed below you will print them here is unhappy families were doing so TOTAL COMMERCIAL VALUE - Total value of the invoice. 16. PACKAGE MARKS - Record in this field and on each package number (for example, 1 of 7,3 of 7) shippers company name, country of origin (e.g., Made in USA), destination port of entry, package weight in kilograms, package size (length x width x height) and shipper's control. 10-09-2016 07:37 AM. Attach both the label and the commercial invoice to the outside of the package is what I was told by my post office. I just tape them on with packing tape. All have arrived safely so far. There was a problem fetching the translation The commercial invoice therefore should allow DHL and customs to define exactly what is inside the package, including quantities, descriptions, values and weights etc. It should also contain details relating to the party paying duties including account numbers, VAT numbers, ID numbers, contact details etc. A tax invoice differs from a. UPS users must apply to UPS directly before EDI is enabled for a UPS account. Once enabled on the UPS side, ShipStation will submit customs forms electronically for your international UPS shipments. To apply online, go to the UPS Paperless Invoice Enrollment page and click on the option to enroll in the paperless invoice

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Our booking engine will collect all the information required and complete the shipping documents for you. It knows which countries require a Commercial Invoice (or if a pro forma invoice is needed) and prepares the correct documents for your shipment. Invoices are supplied ready for printing alongside your labels at the end of the booking process Commercial Invoice. The commercial invoice is an essential customs document when exporting your package. Download. Master Carrier Authority Form. Register your designated customs broker by completing a Master Carrier Authority Form to prepare your import shipments for clearance If not shown on the invoice, however, your carrier/agent will need a separate instruction to ensure the export/import declaration is completed correctly. There are CPC codes for standard exports and CPC codes for special regimes such as Inward Processing Relief (IPR), Outward Processing Relief (OPR), Returns, Repairs - amongst others The commercial invoice and packing list are used for customs declaration to assign value and associated taxes and fees. If a commercial invoice and packing list aren't included in the shipment, customs officers may value the package higher than its actual worth, potentially subjecting customers to higher import fees

Even if buyer requests no invoice, I black out all pricing information and send it anyway. Caan 2015-01-02 20:45:32 UTC #5 What I do is, in the packing process, I put the packing slip in a 4x5 packing slip pouch and stick it on the box Blank Official Commercial Invoice Templates. Click here for a blank UPS Commercial Invoice. Click here for a blank FedEx Commercial Invoice. 5. Use 1 Box. The last point isn't about paperwork or regulations, its about how FedEx and UPS routes multi-piece shipments. A multi-piece shipment is a shipment comprised of several pieces or boxes A commercial invoice is an international shipping document provided by the supplier to the customer detailing the type and value of goods sold. The commercial invoice is used by customs to determine duties owed. Create and Print Your Commercial Invoice. Commercialinvoiceform.org is the easiest way to quickly complete a commercial invoice and.

UPS. Please print the entirety of the file that is created—the label and commercial invoice should be included in that file. The first page will be the label. The next three identical pages will be the commercial invoice—these need to be attached to the outside of the package inside a clear pouch. The fourth page can be kept for your records Commercial Invoice (international shipments only): The commercial invoice is the primary document used for importation control, valuation, and duty determination. The document identifies the items being shipped. Easyship generates a commercial invoice based on the information entered into the order. Downloading Shipping Documents. Step 1 It will be shipped via USPS Priority Package in a brown box (I don't know if that makes a difference). If I do need a Customs form Do I just affix the green label part of the Customs form to the box/package or do I need to print out an online customs form and put it in a clear pouch like how FedEx and UPS does it. Thanks Commercial invoice. A required document in international shipping that describes the items in the shipment and their value. Commercial couriers and customs brokers refer to this document to process and clear your package through customs. Learn more about commercial invoices. De minimis value

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requires a commercial invoice from importers and custom's brokers for each shipment. As required by the Tariff Act, the invoice must contain information such as cargo destination, buyer and seller, and country of origin, among other data points.. The importer of record is responsible for using reasonable care to enter, classify, and determine the value of. If you are bringing in a small shipment with a carrier like DHL or UPS the shipment still has to have a commercial invoice attached that lists the quantity and value of the goods. If the shipper marked the shipment as Bill Duties to the receiver using your UPS or DHL account then UPS or DHL will bill you for the duties Grouping of items on the Commercial Invoice is permitted but a detailed description is still highly recommended High Value Shipment - Shipment valued at $2,500 USD or more A High Value Shipment (HVS) destined for the United States undergoes a Formal Entry or Formal Customs Clearance Process when the value of the shipment is $2,500 USD or more Support for customs formalities. If you ship to a country with customs clearance, your shipment will be checked by customs in that country. Therefore, it is mandatory to include the customs forms with your shipment. You require commercial invoices for commercial shipments. A pro forma invoice is often sufficient for non-commercial shipments

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CUSTOMS ADVICE & SUPPORT. If you are sending a parcel to a country outside the UK, you'll need to provide a customs invoice with your parcel. Since the UK left the EU's single market and customs union on 1st January 2021, this includes parcels sent to EU countries. Our international booking form, includes a 'Customs information' section UPS delivers more guaranteed packages around the world than any other carrier. Unshippers international shipping customers enjoy these benefits: Service by 9:00 am to more than 55 countries with UPS Worldwide Express Plus ® shipping. The earliest guaranteed delivery of customs-cleared shipments between the U.S. and China International Parcel Shipping. UPS TradeAbility ® will help you effectively and confidently manage the movement of goods internationally in a timely, efficient, and compliant manner. Start using a TradeAbility service below, view the online demonstration, or learn more about the features and benefits of each service On FedEx Billing Online you can use the Search for Invoice or Shipment feature if you know the specific invoice number or air waybill number. Enter the information and click the Search button. If a particular invoice is found, you will be directed to the Invoice Detail page for that invoice Many countries require a commercial invoice - or a pro forma invoice - when shipping non-document goods. DHL can attach this document on a customer's behalf. Of course, DHL offers a very extensive range of customs services and these are just some of the most popular

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The DHL commercial invoice template is a document that is one of the first documents that must be prepared by an exporter. It is this form that would classify the contents or merchandise in order that customs would properly receive and clear the shipment, as well, to ensure that the taxes and duties have been appropriately assessed before the continuation of the shipment provide 24h telephone number in commercial invoice:(less than 4cell or 2 bettery need note on commercial invoice and declare:Package contains 4 cells or less or package contains 2 batteries or less)Lithium Ion Battery in compliance with Section II of PI967: Lithium Metal Battery: packing instructions:PI969(product with batteries Toy UPS Truck & Plane Diecast Delivery Vehicle Package - Two Diecast Model Replicas. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 1. $21.88. $21. . 88. $6.99 shipping. Only 6 left in stock - order soon

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1. I can tell you this story because it concerns a competitor's client. He ordered his merchandise from Germany. The vendor (company selling the goods) put the wrong Commercial Invoice in the box. His broker put the shipment into Customs. It was inspected and seized by CBSA. An AMPS penalty was issued USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx require packages going to US territories (like Puerto Rico) to follow certain address formats to get rates or create shipping labels. In some cases, you'll need to fill out customs declarations, even though the carrier considers the shipment to be domestic Printing multiple copies of the same shipping label for a multi-package order can cause you to run into some problems with the shipment. If you have an order that requires multiple packages, you can usually print a series of shipping labels for the order that will mark them as different packages, but the same shipping order

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