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The longest? An older man fasted for 40 days without food. Pretty Biblical, right? They said he would pretty much lay in bed the whole time and was very, very weak. But, the woman who stayed in my room before me had come for a 30-day fast, brought her dog, and planned to confront her emotional eating problem. She ended up extending two more. When coming out of a longer fast, it is recommended that you gradually add food back into the diet day-by-day. Livestrong suggests that on day one after a water fast, a blend of water and sugar-free juice high that's in vitamins can be consumed in the morning, and broth soups can be added the second part of the day.On day two, continue with liquids and add in some yogurts and dairy in the evening After fasting for a few days, eating fermented foods will help your digestive tract to be repopulated with good bacteria and enzymes that it was stripped off from the fast. It'll make it easier for you to digest food, thanks to these probiotics. Maybe start with fermented kale such as Kimchi or sauerkraut

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After completing a few 10-day fasts, then you'll be ready to try fasting for 40 days. Give Pray Fast: The Fail-Proof Action Guide to Finish Your Fast One of my dear sisters in Christ, Rennie Ling, has written a wonderful guide to help people find the larger purpose in fasting 1. Not everyone should fast for forty days. Forty-day fasts are rare in the Bible. Moses fasted for forty days and forty nights during the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai (Ex. 34:28, Deut. 9:9). And he did it again after he found Israel breaking the Law by worshipping the golden calf (Deut. 9:18) Moreover, I have a whole post about What to Eat After a 24-Hour Fast. General Guidelines for Breaking a Fast. It's certainly a good idea to take it slowly when you are ready to reintroduce foods after a fast. A good rule of thumb is that the reintroduction phase should last half as long as the fasting phase I've done multiple fasts in the past including two 20 days fast and a 7 day fast. However, I've been consuming a terrible diet for many months. I'd like to begin ASAP, but I also want to achieve maximum benefit. I'm planning to do a 25-40 day fast for vicious Lyme Disease (and other issues). I'd appreciate any feedback you can give In theory, a 48-hour fast is simple — you merely give yourself a full, two-day break from eating. One common method is to stop after dinner on the first day and begin eating again at dinnertime.

Fasting sounds simple You simply don't eat and after a while, you begin to experience all the benefits. Not so fast... Fasting actually comes in 5 different stages, ranging from a 12-hour fast to 72 hours or more. Each stage of fasting comes with unique benefits, including fat loss, anti-aging, blood sugar control, and more. Read on to get the details behind each stage and how they might. Because I follow an 18 / 6 meal pattern, this meant I was used to not eating for mostly 18 hours each day - for 3 months. This article is going to look at why I did a two-day fast in the place, the experience during and after, benefits of two-day fasts, and what to watch out for 4) It feels weird to eat after a 40 hour fast. One of the things I noticed as I broke the 40-hour fast with a large meal right before I sat down to write this article is that it felt a little strange to eat again. It's like my gut and brain didn't really have a clear idea as to how much food I should take in If you do a 10 day fast, you should take 5 days to get back to your normal food and calorie consumption. I like the following schedule for adding back calories for a 5 day fast. Day 1 should be roughly 30-40% of normal calorie load. Day 2 should be about 50% of the normal calorie load

A Daniel fast, with vegetables and water, is good for those carrying a heavy workload A fruit or vegetable juice fast allows you to enter into fasting but still gives enough energy to function. Many people have done a 40-day juice fast. If you have sugar sensitivities or problems (e.g. diabetes), consult your doctor before attempting this (or. The basic diet was not quite a 24-hour fasting period. Instead, the 5:2 diet consisted of 5 days of normal diet. On the other two days, you could eat a total of 500 calories. Those 500 calories could be taken all in a single meal. If, for example, this is taken as dinner, it would be identical to a 24-hour fast Stage 1: Day 1-2. Stage one lasts for the first couple of days of the fast or about 12-48 hours from your last meal. Usually, it is a good idea to put some planning and preparation into how and when you will start a fast. Try selecting a start day and time and then make preparations in your schedule for the duration of your fast. How You Feel. In any normal circumstance you'd be dead long before 40 days without water. But hunger strikers regularly live beyond 40 days and purposeful fasting for that period is not unknown. As an example of what this may do to the body, assume that a person fasting is largely immobile and can survive on a 500 kcal daily energy budget

Step 2. Eat or drink a cup of vegetable or chicken broth in the afternoon of the first day after your fast. Eat a piece of bread or some plain crackers with the broth, if desired. Continue drinking the diluted juice. The broth will provide more nutrients and prepare your digestive system for heavier foods The adjustment period necessary for breaking a fast is based on the length of the fast. Four days is considered adequate for any of the longer fasts, 1-3 days for shorter fasts, and just a day or so for one-day fasts. Another rule of thumb is take half the number of days fasted to allow for breaking. So a 4-day fast would require a 2 day period. Every night when we stop eating and then go to bed, we go through a short-term fast until our first meal of the next day. Depending on when you ate dinner and when you consume your first meal after you wake up, you can easily go through a 12 to 16-hour fast — with no physiologic change to digestive functions Even for a 5 day fast, it is no worry. Longer Extended Fasts. If I do a 10 day fast, I will rarely experience problems either, but at that extent of extended fasting, I start to think carefully about refeeding. Anything longer than 10 days, and I will be very careful. I told you earlier this week about how I recently broke a fast after 18 days. Remember, the longer you fast, the more days you will have to take to break your fast. As a general rule, for every four days you fast, you'll take one day to break fast. For example, if you had juice fasted for 40 days, you will need about 10 days to gradually break your fast

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Fasting Tip: Wait until after your daily workout or bout of physical activity to eat your fasting day calories, because you'll likely be most hungry anyway at that time. If you eat before, you'll be tempted to eat more afterwards and go over your fasting day calorie goal. Family May Express Concerns; Ask for Social Support 16/8 intermittent fasting involves eating only during an eight-hour window during the day and fasting for the remaining 16 hours. It may support weight loss, improve blood sugar, boost brain. Honestly, I find when I fast for spiritual reasons, it's much easier to keep the fast. You've done well if you've made it five days so far!! I will be praying that God uses these ten days of fasting to heal your gut and make a huge difference! Yes, pray about joining the 21-day fast next January. There's nothing like it How to Eat After a Fast: Options. There are two good options to choose from when deciding how to eat after a fast. The first one is to slowly incorporate solid food back into your diet. It's easy to start with one meal a day for the first three days and then work your way up to 2-3 meals over the course of a week

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  1. WHAT TO EAT AFTER A WATER FASTDISCLAIMER: We are not doctors, nor experts on fasting. We do not recommend anyone do a medically unsupervised water fast. If w..
  2. On this 40 day 40 nights water fast I lost 42 lbs / 20 kilos. I got measured on day 41 and my body fat % came down from 16.9% to 11.8% (last year, on day 36 of my 35-day water fast, my body fat % was well under 10%. I guess I had more muscle mass last year than I do now
  3. Diarrhea While Fasting: Causes and Solutions You can't eat during a strict fast, so food isn't the cause of diarrhea during fasting. But other than that, diarrhea while fasting may have similar causes to diarrhea after fasting. Technically, MCT oil supplements break your fast, but some people take them to boost fat-burning anyway
  4. After spending forty days and nights without food, Jesus was hungry. GOD'S WORD® Translation Jesus did not eat anything for 40 days and 40 nights. At the end of that time, he was hungry. International Standard Version After fasting for 40 days and 40 nights, he finally became hungry. Literal Standard Versio

Again in Matthew 4:1-11, after 40 days and nights of fasting Jesus is released into 3 years of faithful ministry. So, let me repeat myself from the previous post, choose your type of fast, set your dates, purchase your journals, and let the breakthroughs and the miracles begin The Master Fast System. Basically, the Master Fast is an extended fast that combines intermittent dry fasting (having a 6-8 hour window that you can drink juice in) with weekly and monthly extended dry fasts (24-48 hours of no food or water), drinking 1-3L of concord grape juice mixed with lemon juice daily within that window, taking a few tablespoons a day of a psyllium husk mixture with.

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Before receiving the Law from the LORD, Moses fasted for 40 days and nights. Some Christians scoff at the notion of fasting for 40 days. They say it is not possible. However, there are many people in our day who fast for 40 days or even longer. With medical supervision, it is entirely possible. did not eat bread or drink water To sum up, after you finish your fast you should: Double the time you fasted and adjust your diet for that period of time (grace period) afterwards. Optional: Adopt 16:8 intermittent fasting and have only 2 meals a day. Eat soups and smoothies for the first 48 hours after a fast. Focus on vegetables and healthy fats and avoid all.

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  1. istry. The Lord confirmed the fast, so I stepped out in faith and fasted for 40 days. My intention for writing the booklet is to encourage you to fast and pray for one day, one week.
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  3. But after four days here — fasting, seeing psychotherapists, having treatments and exercising and everything else — they are totally changed, she says. It's not only the fast but.
  4. If you think that I don't know, appreciate or understand the discipline required for water fasting after having done a 40-day water fast, a 25-day water fast in addition to several 7 and 10-day water fasts, then I really cannot help you. I wish you all the best in your journey and thank you for stopping by! In health, Jennifer. Repl
  5. Drinking lots of fluids will cause this. You may want the cleansing benefits of enemas before, during, or after your fast. During my forty-day fast, I drank psyllium, which can be purchased in most drug and health food stores. Mixed in water, psyllium powder becomes like jello. It provided the fiber I needed to help cleanse my system. 3

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This doesn't mean that you can't get the fat loss and health benefits from following an intermittent fasting protocol, it just means that maybe you eat three or four smaller meals rather than 2 large meals in your eating window. You are still aiming for a 12-16 hour fast every day, but you will just consume your calories in a different way During 40 Days for Life, we can eat simpler meals focused more on fruits, vegetables and grains. If you find yourself saving money on your grocery bill as a result, you can even contribute the savings to your local pregnancy center. Turn down the temperature on your morning shower. Fasting doesn?t have to involve food Before. In February of 2017, I started intermittent fasting (IF), specifically the 16:8 method, where you don't eat anything for 16 hours of the day and eat during the other eight A few days after my 40 day fast from January 11th - Feb 22, 2020. Fasting is NOT difficult. The hardest part about fasting is the negativity you will get from the people around you. As discussed in other blogs I have posted on my previous fasts, the process of strict water fasting is very simple There are various different types of fasting protocols, but one common one, for example, would be to fast for 16 hours of the day, with an eight-hour 'eating window'. Others involve slightly longer fasts, with some people opting to fast for 24 hours at a time, perhaps a couple of times a month

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  1. g eating as normal). The specifics of an extended fast I stopped eating after polishing off a midnight snack on Monday evening
  2. And after a period, we would eventually die. We are capable of doing fasting. And at our TrueNorth Health Center, we have water fasting programs from 5 to 40 days. But we do not make our patients do fasting any longer than necessary to get the problem solved, said Dr. Alan Goldhamer. The Truth About Sal
  3. Thanks for commenting. 2 days is nothing and breaking your fast is a lot easier than a 10+ day fast. You would only have to focus on what you eat during the day you stop fasting. The effect will be over by now already, so you're safe to eat normally
  4. Consider a simple form of intermittent fasting. Limit the hours of the day when you eat, and for best effect, make it earlier in the day (between 7 am to 3 pm, or even 10 am to 6 pm, but definitely not in the evening before bed). Avoid snacking or eating at nighttime, all the time. Source
  5. So let's talk about what happens because you don't have to do five-day fast to get benefits. So you may also do a two-day fast, a 48-hour or a 72-hour fast. You don't have to do five days to start to see benefits, but the optimal STEM cell and optimal growth hormone and immune system and microbiome reset is seen in the five-day fast

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Firstly, well done on making it to 40 days! Secondly, I am not a medical professional, so please do your own research. That said, I have done a 26 day water-only fast. The way I broke it was with free range organic bone broth. I had both chicken a.. In fact, after a 40-day fast, you should make a careful transition for at least three days before returning to eating meats or fats or normal foods. Further, if you end your fast gradually, the beneficial physical and spiritual effects will linger for days

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  1. For example, if you eat 1,800 calories on normal days, you'll only eat 450 calories on the fasting days. 24-hour method. This method involves fasting for a full 24 hours before eating again
  2. Intermittent Fasting For 12 Hours - Week One Fasting Plan. For the past week, my main focus has just been on cutting off my eating after dinner. This is usually sometime between 8 and 9 pm. I do not eat anything again until at least 12 hours later, which puts me at somewhere between 8 and 9 am the following morning
  3. Some days I got the eating window below 7 hours. The tightest eating window I tried was about 6 hours. I've had some previous fasting experience, including a 17-day water fast in 2016 and and 40-day water fast in 2017, so I've gone for longer stretches without food before. In each case it didn't take much discipline except for the first.

AN INTRODUCTION TO DRY FASTING. by Esmée La Fleur. A dry fast is an absolute, true fast in which you abstain from both food and water. This is the type of fast that was practiced by Moses (Exodus 34:28 & Deuteronomy 9:18, both times for 40 days), Ezra (Ezra 10:6, length undisclosed), the Nation of Israel (Esther 4:16, 3 days), Elijah (1 Kings. Fasting diets are currently on the rise when it comes to what's trending. Not eating for 3 days can and will damage your body, and may actually cause you to gain weight as opposed to losing it. Before exploring any diet, it is crucial to know what the risks are 1st-3rd day after the fast (increase amount of days for extended fast): Eat fruit and raw/steamed vegetables only. Example meals for the first few days are a pound of fruit, a baked or boiled potato without butter, steamed vegetables, or a vegetable-only salad without oil-based dressing

After 41 consecutive intermittent fasting days of 20:4, I've competed my first 72hr water fast, dropping the 2kg I most wanted and giving my gut, liver & kidneys a much needed break. My fasting glucose dropped from a normal 5.2 to a low 3.6 By the 12 th day, the lymphatic system and blood vessels are cleansed. If you want to cleanse the skeletal system, you will have to give up food 21 days. The nervous system can be regenerated after 36 days of water fasting. And only by the 40 th Day, the body will be fully cleansed and regenerated How to fast for Lent. To represent Jesus' time being taunted by the Devil in the desert for 40 days and nights, Christians give something up for 40 days. This religious fast is a strict form of diet rather than abstaining from eating any food at all - which is what Jesus endured, according to the Bible

Follow these three rules: Eat around 1000 to 1200 calories a day. 80-90% of those calories should come from fat. Consume 4-5 meals a day with roughly 200-250 calories in each meal. For some fat fast meal ideas, check out the keto recipes and foods listed above

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How to Eat After a Short Water Fast. In water fasting, you forgo all whole and liquid foods other than water for a period of time. Short water fasts, lasting three to five days, are less strenuous on your body than longer ones and can still give you the purported benefits of a fast. According to the American Cancer. Lent lasts for 40 days and the first day is always Ash Wednesday (the day after Shrove Tuesday). This is partly due to the fact that there are in fact always 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, and partly due to confusion between the period of the Lenten fast and the liturgical 'season' or period of Lent Instead of diarrhea after intermittent fasting, some people experience constipation instead, or even both. I have! To fix this problem, I always make sure that I eat ground flax when I break a fast. In fact, I make sure that it's the first thing I eat when I break a fast. My system thrives on having enough fibre and I would assume most. It did not take me long to realize that resuming normal eating was to a great degree harder than fasting in itself. The reason for this is that the digestive system has either partially shut down if you were juice fasting, or - even more drastic - gone into hibernation altogether if it was a water fast longer than seven days

Most people who use this method start fasting after dinner and don't eat anything until lunch the next day. You can drink water, coffee and tea during the fasting window to help you feel less hungry. 5/2 Diet: On the 5/2 diet, you eat as you normally would for five days per week, and limit your calories to 500 calories two days per week. It. Liquids are not allowed at all, and no consumption can be happening at any time of the 46-day period. Fasting Obligations for Catholics. For Lent, Catholics are mainly who observe Lent and fast for 46 days. With that, their denomination is very strict with what a believer can eat or drink during the fast 6. What to Eat After Breaking Your 48 Hour Fast. After reaching 48 hours, ease into eating with some fruit or vegetables, and then once you know your body is ready, you can eat a bigger meal. After your 48 hour fast, you don't want to go too fast into eating a big meal (even if you are super hungry at this point)

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Fast: as mentioned, you've to stop eating. This method is easy. I don't eat for a few hours after lunch. I eat only when it's dinner time. This isn't what I mean though. Fast for not less than 16 hours. While you fast for this long, your body will have to have a source of energy Eating healthy after 40 is key to warding off disease, banishing belly fat, and keeping your mind and body strong. Here are the best foods for women over 40 I personally did not like the mini-fast days. The fasting days are highly encouraged but actually optional. I decided to forgo the fasting days in week 2. It's hard to order takeout on the bone broth diet. In my house, we generally dine out or get takeout three nights per week. So for 21 days, I cooked dinner almost every night The Flood lasts 40 days and 40 nights. Moses was on Mt. Sinai for 40 days. Jesus fasted for 40 days after his Baptism. and so on. Those from Eastern Orthodox traditions use this framework for their own memorials. In Russian funerals, this 40 number also relates to pagan traditions. The 40 days is an opportunity for judgment before God 13 days into a 40 day fast, should have done this a decade ago, could have been a trend setter! Down 20 lbs and no energy problems. Electreolytes and coffee definitely help . The strange thing is despite my desire to eat, after the first three days I haven't really been hungry outside of my normal eating times. Repl

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The 2-Day Fast gives you a natural high. The 2-Day Fast is a great exercise for Breaking out of Homeostasis. The 2-Day Fast gets you ripped pretty damn fast. The 2-Day Fast is a 40-48 hour period where you don't consume more than circa 50 calories at a time, to avoid activating your digestive system An example of a meal plan (for breaking a four-day fast) might be: Day One: Two 8-ounce cups of fruit/veggie (carrot, some greens, banana, apple) juice that is diluted 50/50 with water 4 hours apart. Day Two: More diluted veggie/fruit juice, with bone broth and 1/2 cup of fruit (pears, and watermelon) every 2 hours) Bible Question: Did Jesus drink water when He was fasting for 40 days? Bible Answer: Matthew, Mark and Luke recorded the events surrounding Christ's temptation in the wilderness. The three gospels report that Jesus had fasted for 40 days, and then the temptation of Jesus followed immediately Lent is a 40-day fast and will run up until the Thursday before Easter Sunday, April 1, which is known as Holy Thursday, or Maundy Thursday - after this date those observing it could indulge. Matthew 4:1-11 ESV / 25 helpful votesNot Helpful. Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. And the tempter came and said to him, If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become loaves of bread.

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And our Blood Glucose levels are identical to when fasting — ranging from 85 to 125. While it's improved, for optimal health we are working to get our fasting BG to the 70-80s consistently. I've been checking my BG after eating, (30-60-90 minutes) to see how my body is reacting to the foods I eat A thirty day fast? Wow! I am not sure that's a good idea unless you are super fat. But even then, I would do the research before you decide to do it. If you can lose 10 pounds at a time with a monthly 2 and a half days water fast, surely that must be safer and more permanent in the long run rather than trying for a 30 day fast maybe once a year Intermittent fasting, schmittermittent schmasting. The hot new trend is the extended fast—eating nothing and drinking only non-caloric beverages for no less than three days and often as many as 30-40 days. A mere compressed eating window this isn't. If fasting for more than three days sounds riskier than just skipping breakfast, you're right

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Therefore, you want to ease into eating the right foods at the right time when breaking your fast. It also depends on how long you've been fasting for. If you're coming off a 5 day fast, then you need to be more patient than you would when just doing daily intermittent fasting with 16 hours fasted. Step By Step Guide to Breaking a Fas Fasting for longer than 5 days can have continued benefits but after 5 days you risk losing lean body mass. For lean individuals like myself, I stay at 4-5 days. If you are looking to lose more weight then extending the fast can be extremely beneficial as long as you are feeling okay

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The typical American eats less than 10 grams of fiber a day, when the recommendation is for 20 to 30 grams, she says. When it comes to fruit, raspberries are fiber champs. A cup packs 8 grams. Immediately after eating, I had my first bowel movement since Day 1. Excitedly I went to the toilet. But it wasn't a garage cleaning of crazy shit like I hoped. Just a couple of tiny turds. Despite the anticlimactic end, my 3 day fast was overall a mind-blowing experience that I will definitely be doing again. Maybe even longer next time 2. Plan what you'll do instead of eating. Fasting isn't merely an act of self-deprivation, but a spiritual discipline for seeking more of God's fullness. Which means we should have a plan for what positive pursuit to undertake in the time it normally takes to eat. We spend a good portion of our day with food in front of us

Does anyone else suffer from diarreha the day after fasting. It's driving me crazy. I have been following this WOL for a couple of months and lost half a stone so am delighted and want to keep going but I bothered by stomach cramps and diarreah without fail the day after I fast as soon as I eat breakfast A South African pastor, Alfred Ndlovu has died of malnutrition after going without food for 30 days when he tried to emulate Jesus Christ and fast for 40 days and 40 nights. Buzz South Africa reports that the 44-year-old pastor left home on June 17 [2019] for a nearby bush to have prayers, just like Jesus did A good way to try this one out is to stop eating after dinner and then eat breakfast 12 hours later. involves building up to 16 hours of fasting each day, with an 8-hour window to eat. For.

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So if you weigh 180 pounds then could expect to lose 1.2-1.4 pounds per day. And at the end of your first 7 days, you could end up weighing 170.5 pounds with almost 10 pounds lost. Here are more time frame examples of how much weight you can lose with fasting: 1 day: 0.5 - 2 pounds. 2 days: 1 - 3 pounds How to lose weight on the 5:2 fasting diet. For five days a week, eat what is considered a normal amount of daily calories, and fast for two non-consecutive days: On fasting days, skip two meals. How to Eat Healthy While Intermittent Fasting. If losing weight in a healthy way is the goal, Tello suggests maintaining a plant-based diet alongside fasting and not using IF as an excuse to. Here are more water fasting before and after pictures and the advice they have. Results from four days of water fasting, using the day on day off method. This allows you to fast for one day, and eat a small meal (such as vegetables), the next day. To me, this is better than pure fasting. Results before fourteen day liquid fast, and after ProLon is considered to be a type of periodic fasting, as opposed to time-restricted feeding (for example, narrowing your eating window to 4-8 hours a day) and intermittent fasting (such as eating.

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Fasting is the easiest way to lose weight. One may lose anything from 3 - 5 kg during a 7-day fast. But you will gain back most of this weight once you return to normal food. Following a controlled diet after the fast can help in maintaining the reduced weight. Fasting can also be integrated with yoga management for further benefits You can use a fasting protocol that includes fasting for up to 3 days, 3 times a year with a shorter 16 to 20 hour fast on the days before and after the 3-day fasts. Whether you are fasting for 16 hours or 3 days, it is important to monitor your mineral levels to avoid symptoms of refeeding syndrome

The Lenten Fast Great Lent is the longest and strictest fasting season of the year. Week before Lent (Cheesefare Week): Meat and other animal products are prohibited, but eggs and dairy products are permitted, even on Wednesday and Friday. First Week of Lent: Only two full meals are eaten during the first five days, on Wednesday and Friday after the Presanctified Liturgy Other people, who are slightly stricter with their fasting, may choose to eat during a shorter window of time, say 6 or 4 hours. The 5:2 Diet (The Fast Diet) This way of fasting involves eating as normal for 5 out of 7 days of the week consecutively

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I eat my first meal of the day around noon and finish eating dinner by eight, the rest of the time I am fasting. During the sixteen hours of fasting, I end up sleeping for half of that time and the rest of the time I do yoga in the morning on an empty stomach (I have always worked out on an empty stomach) and get on with my day How to Lose 40 Pounds (Or More) in 30 Days with Water Fasting (How To Lose Weight Fast, Keep it Off & Renew The Mind, Body & Spirit Through Fasting, Smart Eating & Practical Spirituality) [Johnston, Robert Dave] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How to Lose 40 Pounds (Or More) in 30 Days with Water Fasting (How To Lose Weight Fast, Keep it Off & Renew The Min One should break the fast in the evening after sunset. The timing for the fast is from sunrise to sunset or else 12 a.m. to 12 a.m. next night i.e., 24 hours. While breaking the fast, you should eat some rice first. Eating nonvegetarian food is not allowed on the day of fasting because nonveg food is hard to digest. If you eat nonveg on the day. The warrior diet requires you to spent 20 hours a day fasting (called undereating in warrior lingo), and only four hours eating (called overeating). Thus, the alternative name: 20/4 fasting. During the undereating period, you are encouraged to drink lots of fluids along with very small snacks, like raw fruits and veggies. Today, Lent is connected with the 40-day fast that Jesus undergoes ( Mark 1:13; Matthew 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13 ). Mark tells us that Jesus was tempted by Satan, but it is in Matthew and Luke that.