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  1. After entering the stroke and rod length, select either field to calculate. (1) enter the piston (port) height value and click Calculate Duration to get the open duration -or- (2) enter the open duration value and click Calculate Height to get the piston height. One field must have a value to calculate the other
  2. g duration for the open port. Data can be input and calculated in any designation so long as it is consistent. Enter the values for stroke, connecting rod length and port height (piston above BDC)
  3. g, so you remove the cylinder head and using a digital vernier you measure from the top of the cylinder down to the piston edge, with the exhaust port about to open
  4. g relation with the exhaust port. Main tranfers can be fixed by blowdown time, aux. and boost ports can be fixed to the main tranfer ti
  5. g from Port Height and Vice Versa. This is the Port Height Above BDC: Duration: This is open duration of the port in degrees After entering the stroke and rod length, enter: (a) the port height and click Calc Duration to get the duration or (b) enter duration and click Calc Height to get the port height..
  6. g and Peak Power RPM Click here for a list of my for-sale spreadsheet calculators for 2 stroke design, including this one. Click here to read of the best method to measure/calculate port durations. It takes into conideration the lengthening of the connecting rod when it gets real hot which lessens the durations

Port timing calculators. Exhaust Duration Calculator. Stroke: mm. Conod Length: mm. Piston Crown to Top of Barrel at TDC: mm. Height over Port, Top of port to top of barrel Two Stroke Port Duration Port Timing Basics. Air/gasoline enters the engine from the carburetor at a ratio close to 15:1. It enters via the intake port (as the piston rises) into the crankcase and then is transferred to the combustion area via the transfer ports (as the piston descends and the piston top uncovers the port opening to the cylinder) The cylinders have a bore of 56.0 mm and a stroke of 50.6 mm. There are 3 exhaust ports - One large central port flanked by 2 smaller side ports ( boosters ). Peak power occurs at 12,000 revs/min. The calculated specific time-area and blowdown are shown below. It is evident that the exhaust port has an A level tune

Two Stroke Performance Tuning Back in Europe two-stroke engineers were battling excessive ring and cylinder wear, due to the exhaust port width being too great. A narrow port reduced power but improved reliability. A taller port restored lost power but made the power band unacceptably narrow Problem #2 You get power greedy and now have so much blowdown that the pipes pressure and hits wave cannot hold or push the hit in on the up stroke of the blowdown timing. Now you have so much fresh transfer mix going out the EX-port on the up stroke, you will have 50% less power in your midrange with just 1/2deg to much of blowdown BirdCage Software - 2 Stroke Expansion Chamber Exhaust Calculator Software. 2T Exhaust Calc - Ver 1.1.0 / 6th April 2019. 2T Exhaust Calc is a Freeware program created to design a 2 Stroke engine performance exhaust system generally referred to as an Expansion Chamber The software equations used are derived from the work of Professor Gordon P.

Measuring intake port timing uses the same basic technique but this time you have to position the piston so that the bottom of the piston just closes the intake port and take a reading on the degree wheel. Now rotate the crank so that the piston moves UP in the cylinder past TDC and back down to re-close the intake port Basic 2 stroke Tuning This term is a calculation of a port's size area and timing in relation to the displacement of the engine and the rpm. Experienced tuners know what the port-time-area values of the exhaust and transfer ports should be for an engine used for a particular purpose. A cylinder head designed for supercross should have. The basics of two stroke port durations explained. Port Timing Basics Air/gasoline enters the engine from the carburetor at a ratio close to 15:1. It enters via the intake port (as the piston rises) into the crankcase and then is transferred to the combustion area via the transfer ports (as the piston descends and the piston top uncovers the.

Two Stroke TUNER'S HANDBOOK 2 Another mistake commonly made, sometimes even by those who have enjoyed some success in modifying two-stroke engines, is to believe in a kind of mechanistic magic. Bigger carburetors, higher compression ratios, altered port timings and expansio Below are notes on my free spreadsheet of 2 stroke calculators. Some of these calculators have never been available till now although engineering types have always been able to figure this stuff out. The download link is at the bottom. This is a good way to get used to using spreadsheets. It's easy, you just enter the needed data into the light blue cells and the hidden formulas will use. Powerband Choices: Note that changing port timing and shape in a 2-stroke is in effect like changing cam shaft timing events, intake manifold design, carburetion and the exhaust system in a 4-stroke all in one complex operation. Changing the port shapes increases or decreases the flow, thereby changing the RPM and torque characteristics of the. The cycle of operation of a 2 Stroke Engine consists of the following strokes: Intake stroke, Compression stroke, Expansion or power stroke, Exhaust stroke. Port Timing Diagram. The above processes will be operated with the sequence of operations of ports in the 2 stroke engine. This can be represented on a circle. This is called the Port.

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The timing of the transfer and exhaust ports is a key factor controlling the performance characteristics of a two stroke engine. In order to optimize an engine and to find initial settings for a tuned pipe exhaust system, on must determine the timing of the engine RacingSM Software available for Windows platforms ( Desktops, Laptops ) includes 27 programs which will help you on your 2-Stroke development. This version is limited to 1 License per Windows computer without Time Limit and can be used Offline. This version is the most complete DR performs their extensive port modification process on all 2-Stroke cylinders it ports. The process includes . Bore-Piston check. Cylinder Length Modification (if necessary to properly set deck height for correct squish clearance) Degreed in port timing. Hand ported by DR Master Technician with over 5000 cylinders porte

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  1. g is actually pretty good at 37.78mm, 88.43 deg atdc, and 183.1 deg of duration. The corrected port height must also be used in the trapped compression calculator. Heres what i got for your engine once i correct for spark plug volume and exhaust port height bore 90mm stroke 68m
  2. g . Setting 2-stroke ignition ti
  3. 5.9 PISTON PORT TIMING DETAILS ** 5.10 ROTARY VALVE PORT DATA ** MOTA needs this information so that it can calculate the total effective port area accurately. In a two-stroke engine with piston controlled transfer and exhaust ports these ports are simultaneously open during a major part of the engine cycle
  4. g in two stroke engine Two-stroke engine has no valves instead they have ports. They are inlet port, transfer port (transfer fuel from the crankcase to the cylinder) and an exhaust port. The sequence of operation of the ports is controlled by reciprocating movement of the piston in the engine cylinder

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For 2-stroke 125 cc engine, the carburetor with a 34mm ventury would be suitable for Super cross race at the links that require torque to power very quickly. Carburetor 36 mm will work for that require speed. REED VALVE. Membrane! We have already discussed at length about the importance of valves in this 2-stroke motor I am looking for any equations or rules of thumb for calculating theoretical 2-stroke engine horsepower. I don't have access to a 2-stroke engine simulation program. I want to know the max power I can squeeze out of this engine, given the engine's bore & stroke, a tuned pipe, and playing with the port sizes and locations. Thanks! jak

The Buzzwangle is also a rapid way to measure your port timing on 2-stroke engines to a resolution of 0.1 degrees. First firmly fix down your cylinder and then use a thin feeler gauge to establish when the ports of your engine are opened and closed by the pisto Two Stroke Performance Tuning two-stroke all of these detonation triggers are virtually unavoidable, with the exception of excessive spark lead. Researchers have found that it is the gases at the very outer limits of the combustion chamber, called the 'end gases', that self-ignite to cause detonation. Thes

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Draw and explain the valve timing diagram of 2 Stroke diesel engine. October 8, 2017. 3,182 Views. Starting at TDC, combustion is already under way and the exhaust opens (EO) at 110-120° ATDC to promote a rapid blow-down before the inlet opens (IO) about 20-30° later (130-150° ATDC). In this way the inertia of the exhaust gases, moving. Fraction Precision Set 1/8 1/16 1/32 1/64 Decimal Inch Metric. All Inch inputs and dimensions are actual physical finished sizes (unless otherwise noted) All Metric Inputs in Millimetres (unless otherwise noted) If you're cutting blocks, concrete, stone or ANYTHING and there's DUST - DON'T TAKE THE RISK

All 2-stokes of the modern era (after 1990) have CDI ignitions that feature an advance/retard timing curve. These ignitions have a very retarded ignition timing value for easy starting. As the rpms rise from idle, these ignitions steadily advance the ignition timing until maximum advance is reached between 5000-6000 rpm Performance Setups. Our Performance Setups are higher performance than our Trail setups with a broader spread of power. They suit everyone from the average trail rider through to serious racers. These builds basically maximise the potential of the stock engine design without changing the stock port layout. There's no loss of reliability from. Two Stroke Engine Information. Two stroke engines are the power source of something in almost every home or business around the world. Dirt bikes, snowmobiles, lawn mowers, weed trimmers, chain saws, radio controled cars, radio controlled planes, remote control boats, mopeds, boat motors and much more... are all commonly powered by two stroke engines..

For example, if you have a cylinder with 185 degree exhaust port timing (21,6 mm with 39,2/39,3 stroke) and increase that with 1 millimeter (20,6mm) you are still in the timing / rpm area where you have exhausts that work well A two-stroke (or two-stroke cycle) engine is a type of internal combustion engine that completes a power cycle with two strokes (up and down movements) of the piston during one power cycle, this power cycle being completed in one revolution of the crankshaft. A four-stroke engine requires four strokes of the piston to complete a power cycle during two crankshaft revolutions Those wanting to calculate the optimum for their machine should consult a reference of the calibre of Performance Tuning in Theory and Practice - Two Strokes by A. Graham Bell, a Foulis book published by Haynes (ISBN 0 85429 329 9). This is a wonderful book by an Australian engineer and is a must for any two-stroke tuner. Head-ache A two stroke 125cc engine with good tuned exhaust system can combust approx 180cc of fuel air mix. Why. Simply put, it's because the two-stroke exhaust system, commonly referred to as an 'expansion chamber' uses pressure waves emanating from the combustion chamber to effectively supercharge your engine For simplicity sake use .336 for one inlet valve and .490 for two inlet valves. You will quickly see Harley engines are not high rpm designs. You can, however, plan your engine setup around the Mach and rpm numbers you desire. Valve Sizes and Valve Lifts : Increasing valve size and lifts has the effect of lowering the Mach Index

Two 2 Stroke Fuel Oil Mixture Ratio Calculator, Two 2 Stroke Fuel Gasoline Gas Oil Mixture Ratio Calculator PRO Two 2 Stroke Fuel Oil Mixture Ratio Calculator download apk free. Two Stroke Port Timing Calculator. Two 2 Stroke Inlet Port Open Duration Calculator. 4.4 - Free . Whatsapp. Facebook. Twitter. Vkontakte. Telegram. Reddit. You'll need some marks on your throttle to show 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 throttle openings. Guessing isn't good enough. You'll need initial jet settings that are at least close enough to let the engine run and the bike be ridden. If it's a stock engine and carb this is easy - go with the factory settings


Exhaust Port Timing. Sets the RPM range of the engine. Lower the Exhaust timing for low end power and raise the timing for high end power.The higher the Exhaust timing the higher the RPM band. acos = cos^-1 for your calculator. C = stroke/2. B = C + A - (measured piston height) A = Connecting rod length . Now you should be able to determine. Two Stroke Port Timing Calculator. Dockerty Electronics. Two Stroke Port Timing to Crank Angle calculator. Boltac Dose Time Calculator. Dockerty Electronics. Water treatment dose time calculator for Jar Testing. SCL Network Control. Dockerty Electronics. Controls products manufactured by Select Chemicals Ltd Ignition timing calculator : Degrees to mm or inch BTDC, mm or inch to degrees BTDC, Timing mark and static maximum advance. Two 2 stroke exhaust and transfer piston or rotary inlet port open close duration calculator. Valve Angle calculator for 4 four stroke engine. Two 2 Stroke Exhaust Port Designs (Rounded Rectangle-Shaped, Egg-Shaped, D. This is substantially written around a two stroke engine, but the reader should be able to apply all of this to a four stroke engine as well (even the port timing can be compared to valve timing in a four stroke with respect to efficiency and improved fuel/air mixture trapping at higher RPM's)

Port Timing Diagram Of 2 Stroke Engine - Mesin 2 langkah bekerja dengan membuka dan menutup lubang-lubang cylinder oleh turun naiknya piston. Oleh karena itu, port timing ( dimana lubang-lubang terbuka dan tertutup ) ditentukan oleh posisi dan ukuran lubang itu. Seperti diuraikan dibawah, prot timing ini berbeda dengan sistem pemasukan dan. It first provides an overview of the principles, characteristics, applications, and history of the two-stroke cycle engine, followed by descriptions and evaluations of various types of models that have been developed to predict aspects of two-stroke engine operation. Performance Automotive Engine Math (Sa Design-Pro) by: John Baechte SET-UP TWO STROKE is the universal software for optimal tuning of all 2-stroke engines. It lets you quickly to optimize carburetion, ignition timing, spark and transmission ratio, when change, the weather conditions, the compression ratio, the height of squish, the squish band, the exhaust opening angle and the gasoline used Ignition Timing for Modified Engines An often neglected but important area when tuning an engine is the ignition system. No I don't mean harder plugs, competition coils, lumenition etc., that only affect the efficiency of the spark, but the actual ignition advance supplied by the distributor. Tuned and modified engines have differen

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Version 3.34.3. [02-28-18] If you would like more information — Please View our User's Manual in PDF Format or Email Stan Check out some User's of our Software. Price $89.95 - Add $5.95 USA - $10.95 International for shipping and handling if you want a CD-ROM.Online Purchasing. A Computer Program designed for the motor sports enthusiast Bike: 2-stroke; Report post; Posted January 13, 2010 (edited) then I'll see if I can find a suitable port timing calculator on-line, of which there are many. A width of port measurement would also allow me to calculate the port's area but will not change the duration figure..

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A blog about 2 stroke/ two stroke motorcycle racing, minimoto, Underdogs racing has developed an easy online calculator that will spit out the design for you. But if I say that a transfer port timing of 130° is perfect for a racing engine, then that is valid for any engine, regardless of its cubic capacity.. 3. Verify and Load to your MicroSquirt: Open TunerStudio and navigate to 'Basic tables→Spark Advance Table' then click on the down-pointing greed arrow icon, and browse to select YourFile.table ', Burn the values to the controller if prompted, Verify that the spark advance numbers and map/rpm bins are suitable for your engine Port timing in a 2-stroke definitely makes more power than compression. I have seen some saws with stock compression of 100-110 psi,of course improving that will help All internal combustion gasoline engines make more power when more fuel and air are put into them,(bigger carb,turbocharging,supercharging),and that's what all race engine. 2 Stroke Troubleshooting. 2 Stroke Performance. 49cc 4 Strokes. 4 Stroke Troubleshooting. 4 Stroke Performance. 100cc+ 4 Strokes. For a degree wheel you 0 it to TDC the same way you would if checking port timing. For a dial indicator you put it through the spark plug hole so it's perpendicular to the deck/crown. You can make a bracket, use.

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MOTA software, 2 stroke engine simulation software, 2 stroke exhaust design It allows simulation of engines with reed-valve, rotary-valve and piston port timed induction systems. Simulation of engines with either a box-silencer or an expansion chamber is also possible. Ignition timing can be varied, and 'curves' accepted. Integrated. Stage6 Port Timing Calculator - 1.0: STAGE6 Two-Stroke TuningPort Timing Calculator for Two-Stroke Engines from STAGE6 Development- Easily calculate the port timing of your cylinder.- Convert the port timing from millimetres to degrees or from degrees to millimetres.- Detailed. Once it runs well, changes in spark timing have the most effect on the temperature of the gasses that exit out the exhaust port of a cylinder. What this means is that if a spark happens somewhere around 2.5mm before top dead center (BTDC), combustion will complete earlier in the cycle and have time to dissipate its heat into the head, piston.

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Calculates engine displacement, Bore Stroke ratio, Rod Stroke ratio, Piston Speed, compression ratio, air and fuel flow, rear end gear ratio, shift RPM, 1/4 mile et and MPH, 60 foot MPH and G's, a change in Horsepower from a change in weather, or altitude, or adding blower pressure, Carburetor size in CFM, Carburetor size in CFM for blown. 2.4 Valve timing diagram showing valve overlap in 4-stroke engine 9 2.5 Valve timing diagram showing scavenging period in 2-stroke engine 10 2.6 Rock position 11 3.1 Three-dimensional model of the engine 20 3.2 Intake port of the engine before modification 21 3.3 Intake port of the engine after modification 2 Sketch and explain actual port timing diagram for two stroke engine. According to the diagram the exhaust port is uncovered at about 43° before BDC. The inlet valve is still closed. This marks the end of expansion stroke. This removes the exhaust while the piston has still not reached BDC. When piston is at position of 35° before BDC the. Hi all I am racing a RD350LC at sea level with expansion chamber exhausts, ported cylinders , 320mm carbs and a squish of 0.9-1.0 mm using 95 grade fuel with a 32-1 fuel oil ratio, the ignition timing is 2.0mm before TDC .Have been getting detonation on the right piston

Your maximum permissible compression ratio on a given fuel will vary depending on bore size, pipe design and port timing. Smaller bores can run significantly higher compression than otherwise identical engines of larger bore diameters. You'll know if you're running too much CR from detonation more than anything else For a 4-stroke, a complete stroke cycle is 720 degrees of crankshaft rotation (i.e. two revolutions); for a 2-stroke, it is 360 degrees (this is also factored in the REQ_FUEL value down loaded to MegaSquirt). In the tuning software, the upper REQ_FUEL box is the amount per cylinder, as noted above

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37. RM model cylinder port chamfer recommendations 38. RM80 second drive gear 39. RM125 and RM80 optional drive chain tensioner 40. RM80 Transmission drain plug 50. RM125X main jet modification . RE. Index and Bulletins 1 - 5 . 1. Introductory notes 2. Recommended sump and metering pump oil 3. Service manual corrections and additions 4. An engine's exhaust port can be thought of as a sound generator. Each time the piston uncovers the exhaust port (which is cut into the side of the cylinder in two-strokes), the pulse of exhaust gases rushing out the port creates a positive pressure wave which radiates from the exhaust port. The sound will be be the same frequency as the engine. reference on the stock timing tab. The formula we use is Dia.×3.1416÷360×38 (Diameter of the dampener/balancer × PI ÷ 360°×38°, or with numbers: 8×3.1416(25.1328)÷360(0.0698 per degree)×38°(2.6529 which you mark on your balancer away from your TDC mark), this distance will be 38° on whatever diameter damper you are using The world's leading 2-stroke engine simulation software now runs on your Windows PC. MOTA for Windows SLIDE SHOW OF FEATURES. Millions Of Tuning Variations Possible. Design Exhausts That Work. Design Engine Porting. Full Cycle Simulation. Display HP & Torque Curves. Accepts 3.5cc To 500cc Engines. Runs 500 to 30000 RPM

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A very helpful tool to calculate your cylinder port timings on any two stroke bike, from mm to degrees BTDC and reverse. Let me know if the link is dead. Moped Engine Ignition Timing Calculator. I've made a spreadsheet that you can use to calculate the ingition timing, to convert mm before top dead center to degrees, and reverse Drag Racing Calculators,Calculators to find 1/4 mile ET and MPH, CID,Piston Speed,gear ratio,carburetor size,margin of victory,Engine calculator, Calculates relative horsepower, air density, density altitude, virtual temperature, actual air pressure, vapor pressure and dyno correction factor and more

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Exhaust Header Theory and Proper Exhaust Tuning. In order to explain the effect of exhaust tuning on performance, let's take a quick look at the 4-stroke engine cycle. The first step in the 4-stroke process is the intake stroke. With the intake valve open, the piston travels down the cylinder pulling a fresh air and fuel mixture into the. Now calculate the area of the 2.9527-inch-diameter throttle bore. 2.95272 x 0.7854 = 6.84 square inches. Recall that the 750 cfm Holley had 6.94 square inches of throttle area, so the 75-mm throttle body is a little larger. To calculate an exact throttle body equivalent use a shortcut by working in percentages. It will get you very close

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Two-stroke opposed-piston engine. You want the exhaust port to open first and close first. That's only possible by having the opposing pistons slightly out of phase. Yes, you can do it the way a normal two-stroke does it, with the pistons in phase, but why not take advantage of the ability to have unsymmetrical timing MopedGP North - Totfest Race Day. July 28, 2016. Here's a couple of videos I streamed during the races this year at Totfest. Stock Races - First Heat Stock Finals Variated Finals Variated & NonVariated combined finals For the marine application that has a 2.5 m stroke, the engine speed is limited to 102 rpm. In comparison, the Achates Power opposed-piston, two-stroke engine is being designed with a stroke-to-bore ratio in the range of 2.2 to 2.6. This range of stroke-to-bore ratio values allows us to create a highly efficient internal combustion engine while.

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The resulting stroke to achieve 2.4 liters is 39.75 mm (1.565) and is implemented with a 180° crankshaft. The typical rod length is approximately 102 mm (4.016 in), for a Rod / Stroke ratio of about 2.57. These engines are typically a 4-valve-per cylinder layout with two overhead cams per bank, and pneumatic valvesprings Generic 2 stroke question - torque & transfer ports. My old 250 Single 2 stroke MZ is renowned for having very little torque available below 3000RPM, above that it does wake up though. I have heard it said that by altering the effective height of the transfer ports - raising them up a little can make the motor produce more torque at lower RPM.

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Bore and Stroke 154 x 50 mm Engine Type Displacement 1114.5 cm' Compression Ratio 16.6 (STD), 7.8, 8.4, 8.7, 2-Stroke, Air-Cooled, Sinale-Cvlinder Exhaust Timing Scavenaina Timina ratio are calculated from the intake air capacity. Trapping efficiency is calculated from the exhaust 0, concentration(1)' It means the constant pressure at port P of proportional valve and variable flow to keep the same pressure to compensate different contribution. the max speed it can reach at the end of the stroke is: Vmax = 2*s/t where 's' is stroke and 't' is the time required to complete the stroke. I used my online calculator in real. Two stroke cycle Upward stroke of the piston (Suction + Compression) When the piston moves upward it covers two of the ports, the exhaust port and transfer port, which are normally almost opposite to each other. This traps the charge of air- fuel mixture drawn already in to the cylinder. Further upward movement of the pisto Internal combustion engines Camshaft. In four-stroke cycle engines and some two-stroke cycle engines, the valve timing is controlled by the camshaft.It can be varied by modifying the camshaft, or it can be varied during engine operation by variable valve timing.It is also affected by the adjustment of the valve mechanism, and particularly by the tappet clearance Build a Tuned Pipe for a 2-stroke: Two stroke engines fascinate me. They are so simple and fun that I've always enjoyed tinkering with them. There are many ways to boost the power, one of which is by installing a tuned pipe. The way a two stroke motor w